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Bus Door Accident Injuries | Defective Closing Opening Bus Doors

Bus Door Accident Injuries | Defective Closing Opening Bus Doors Every year million of passengers safely enter and exit buses and public transportation vehicles.  However, in some cases bus doors are defectively manufactured or negligently operated  by bus operators (drivers) resulting in serious injuries to victims.

Avenues of recovery for Victims of Slamming Bus Doors

If you have been injures due to a bus door closing in on you while entering or exiting the vehicle you may have a claim for compensation for your injuries.  In such lawsuits there are many different parties that may he held liable for your injuries including
  • The Bus Driver for negligence or inattentive operation of his vehicle
  • Bus Company
  • Bus Operator including the city or states that agency operating the bus line
  • Bus manufacturing company
  • Bus Door manufactures
  • Bus maintenance crew
In many cases defective bus doors lead to the failure of the door to automatically lock and close.  Failed bus door opening mechanism are most often the cause of bus door failures.  Such mechanism must be properly maintained by bus operators so as to prevent malfunctions which can result in serious injuries.

Common injuries associated with bus door failures includes

  • Broken and Amputated Fingers
  • Slip and Fall injuries
  • Separated shoulder
  • Spine injuries
  • Severe neck injuries
  • head injuries including traumatic brain damage
  • facial lacerations
  • broken noses and broken teeth
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I am a smoker, I was leaving out of the plasma donating place to go home. I realize I miss the bus going east bound to take me home. So as I was walking I notice the bus going west bound at the corner stop. I usually catch it of I miss the east bound bus. So I flick my cigarette and ask the people that was getting off the bus to tell the bus driver to hold the bus. First she shut the door, then she open the door. Then soon as I put my arm on the rail to pull myself on the bus..the bus driver shut the bus door on my arm.. I asked her why you slam the door on my arm like that she said because she didn’t want me blowing smoke on the bus..what u mean you don’t want me blowing no smoke on your smoke…I don’t even have no smoke in my mouth…she going to say yes… I did..I told her bitch I’m calling in on your ass because you didn’t have any reason to be slamming the door on my arm.. the smoke she seen coming from my mouth was from the coldness outside…and then instead of telling me that her route in at the end of her route..she going to wait to take me all out the way and tell me she’s not going back east so get off her bus.. and it’s at least fifteen below outside I don’t know where I’m at…telling me she’s going to call the police..I told her to call them so I can get file a report on her ass instead she called the bus security and they had me get off the bus..and left me in no man’s land. I want to see if I got a lawsuit because my arm still hurt from her closing the door deliberately on my arm…if she felt that the smoke was going to bother her she didn’t have to even open the door at all..I ended up had two walk at least 6 blocks to the nearest bus stop and had to wait an additional 20 min for a bus then it took me and extra hour an a half to get home because this bus driver being ignorant…I’m also a driver and my right arm I use for mostly everything hurts and I just recently started my job on the 4th of January and the bus driver slamming my arm could of cost me my job…I did call the police…they asked did I want them to send the police out to file a report because she did assault me. I told them no for now because I already been since 830 in the morning and I was so tired because I didn’t get back home til 930 in the evening..and my arm still throbbing from the mid part of my arm toy shoulder…the only reason I didn’t call in on this bus driver because they don’t open to 800 in the morning so I want to know if I got a case

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