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Restoration Hardware Recalls Metal Top Dining Tables

Restoration Hardware Recalls Metal Top Dining Tables 1,500 metal-coated tables sold by Restoring Hardware have been recalled for lead-based paint in the coating. The tables were sold on RH’s website, in retail stores, and in outlet stores for between $1,900 and $2,600. The items were in circulation for a little over 3 years, from August 2013 to December 2017. The recall went into effect November 15, 2018. RH had the tables manufactured by Heritage Creations in India, imported them to California, and sold them across the nation. The names of the tables are La Salle Metal-Wrapped Coffee Tables. They contain the following item numbers:
  • Annecy 48 inch Coffee Table 61010725ZINC
  • Annecy 55 inch Coffee Table 61010678ZINC
  • Annecy 67 inch Coffee Table 61010728ZINC
  • La Salle 60 inch Coffee Table 61190191ZINC
  • La Salle 52 inch Coffee Table 61190193ZINC
  • La Salle 72 inch Coffee Table 61190195ZINC

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In addition, the P.O. numbers can be found below:
  • 1663995
  • 1819764
  • 1880365
  • 1897071
  • 2023453
  • 2060484
  • 2134094
  • 2255203
  • 1664594
  • 1819766
  • 1880366
  • 1898899
  • 2023457
  • 2079266
  • 2134098
  • 2291540
  • 1664595
  • 1819768
  • 1880367
  • 1898901
  • 2023459
  • 2079267
  • 2204622
  • 2291574
  • 1664598
  • 1826464
  • 1880368
  • 1898902
  • 2023463
  • 2079268
  • 2253481
  • 2309272
  • 1664599
  • 1826468
  • 1880381
  • 1900615
  • 2041955
  • 2079269
  • 2253482
  • 2309274
  • 1664600
  • 1826469
  • 1880382
  • 1917737
  • 2051946
  • 2079270
  • 225348
  • 2309275
  • 1713610
  • 1826470
  • 1880383
  • 1920913
  • 2060479
  • 2079271
  • 2253484
  • 2309277
  • 1713611
  • 1859759
  • 1880385
  • 1920937
  • 2060481
  • 2079272
  • 2255200
  • 2329698
  • 1713612
  • 1859760
  • 1885882
  • 1933832
  • 2060482
  • 2079273
  • 2255201
  • 253950
  • 1819762
  • 1859761
  • 1885883
  • 1933891
  • 2060483
  • 2107239
  • 2255202
  • 259442
RH has offered two options for those who purchased the recalled tables. You may either return the item for a free replacement or you may get a full refund. The issue with the lead-based paint is simple. It can be toxic in young children and can cause health problems in adults. The tables range in size from 4 to 6 feet long and can contain various amounts of lead.

How Is A Company Liable?

Restoration Hardware Recalls Metal Top Dining Tables A company can be held liable for the damaged or defective product based on negligence. You must be able to show that you were owed a duty of care that was breached and that the breach caused an accident which resulted in physical harm. Each of these four points must be shown to be true or the claim will fall apart. For example, if you did not suffer any injuries, you will not be able to collect damages for medical expenses in a personal injury lawsuit. No company should sell you any products that can cause harm. There are three ways to categorize defective products: there was a design error present, there was a mechanical or manufacturing error, or there were no warnings or hazard notices placed on the package or the item itself. Because the hazard lies with the type of paint used, it was likely a manufacturing error that caused the defect. There is no telling whether or not the paint was specifically selected by RH or if it was something generic picked up that just so happened to have lead in it. Regardless, RH would be held responsible for any injuries stemming from the presence of lead.

Steps to Take for Product Liability Claims

You should make sure that you follow these steps to have the best chance of success with your lawsuit.
  • Do not return or get rid of the item
  • Photograph the table
  • Do not try to fix the table or remove the coating, as this can be seen as tampering and you will not be able to adequately show what the company caused and what you caused
  • Get medical treatment as quickly as possible
  • Present a receipt or credit card statement showing that you paid for the table
  • Contact a product liability lawyer who can help litigate your case for you and will not shy away from working day and night to secure you the compensation you deserve

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Compensation from a Product Liability Lawsuit

You can receive various types of compensation if you sue RH for damages resulting from the lead-based paint in their tables. The compensation can include:
  • Coverage of medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
You should talk with a Los Angeles lawyer if you wish to file a claim against RH.

How We Help

The Downtown LA Law Group has over forty years of combined experience handling product liability claims. We believe that all clients deserve fair treatment and we strive to bring you the restitution you deserve. Our aggressive attorneys do not stop seeking your rightful damages until we are satisfied with the result, and if we need to, we’ll take your case to court.

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