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Los Angeles Burn Injury Attorney

Los Angeles Burn Injury AttorneyPeople who have experienced burn injuries understand that there is a great deal of pain and suffering experienced, which is usually followed by medical bills, missed work, and often permanent and obvious scars that can emotionally affect the injured.If you have suffered burns to your skin and are in great pain contact our Burn Injury Attorneys today for a free no cost evaluation of you accidental injury claim.

According to recent studies, there are approximately 450,000 burn injuries that get reported every year that require medical treatment. Additionally, approximately 3,500 burn incidents result in fatalities; either from residential fires, car or plane crashes, electrical contact, contact with various chemicals, and sometimes just due to inhaling the smoke and vapors from the fire. The majority of burn incidents occur at home, or in someone’s residence. Unfortunately for the victim, many incidents could have been prevented if someone had been more careful or proper safety measures had been taken.

Liability for Injuries – Who can be held responsible for my injuries?

Liability for burn Injuries

Car Fires are a leading cause of burn injuries that may result in permanent scarring and disfigurement

Liability for your injuries, can depend on a number of different factors. Where the injury took place, how it occurred and what steps were taken to avoid injuries. With lodging or hotel fires, the establishment is generally held liable. However, depending on who or what caused the fire, their liability may be limited.

When considering who is liable, it is important to know all the facts. Unfortunately, many facts will not be made known until discovery takes place. Discovery allows for your attorney to determine the pertinent facts to your case and to better get an understanding of who is at fault.

Depending on the aforementioned issues, liability can be imposed on a number of parties and it is important to clearly understand your rights.

What are the degrees of a burn injury?

Burn injuries have multiple degrees. The most common degree of burn injuries are first-degree through fourth-degree burns. An explanation of each of these injuries are as follows

  • First Degree Burns: 1st degree burns from barbeque accidents are common. 1st degree burns are categorized as those having the least amount of penetration through the skin.  These are considered the least dangerous or hurtful. First degree burns rarely ever leave scars.
  • Second Degree Burns: 2nd degree burns generally cause a greater level of discomfort. Signs of second degree burns include blistering of the skin. This usually happens when the contact with the chemical, heat or other substance penetrates through the skin. Usually those suffering from 2nd degree burns require medical attention. Barbecue defects will likely cause 2nd degree burns or greater. It is important to seek medical attention when suffering from this level of burns.
  • Third Degree Burns: 3rd degree burns are those that penetrate through the skin causing serious damage. These types of burns occur from electrocution, or serious prolonged exposure to heat or fire. 3rd degree burns require extensive medical attention and can be life-threatening. These types of injuries often require cosmetic surgery to have them correct.
  • Fourth Degree Burns: 4th degree burns penetrate beneath the skin and lead to muscle damage. These types of burns are often life-threatening and if not treated promptly will lead to death. Often times even those who seek timely medical attention die shortly after exposure.
  • Fifth Degree Burns: 5th degree burns, are those that penetrate to the bone. These types of burns are fatal and do not leave survivors.
  • Sixth Degree Burns: 6th degree burns, much like 5th degree burns are unlikely to leave survivors. Unfortunately these types of injuries are so severe that they leave the body un-identifiable

You should not attempt to diagnose your degree of burns yourself. It is important to have a qualified professional make this determination. If you have been injured seek medical treatment for your injuries.

Compensation for a Burn Injury Claim

Compensation for a Burn Injury Claim

Home and Apartment Fires are a leading cause of smoke inhalation in the United States. Smoke detectors are the best defense against fire injuries in the home.

Unlike standard injury lawyer who deal with personal injuries, burn injuries are unique. When dealing with a burn injury there are a number of different factors that need to be considered. This includes psychological damage, physical damage to the body, anguish, pain and suffering and life-long injuries.

Due to the nature of burn injuries, you damage may require permanent care and treatment. This is because of the healing process which may require long-term treatment.

It is important to ask your attorney his intentions. Whether he is going to file against the wrongdoer, whether they are willing to fight for your case and what their resources are. Many personal injury attorneys do not have the resources, time, funds, experience or knowledge required to get a large settlement. Rather they are more interested in making a quick settlement. Our firm has the resources which we use to make sure that your injuries are compensated for. It is important that any firm that represents you knows the extent of your injuries and takes the steps needed to help you achieve or procure maximum recovery and treatment.

Average Settlement for Burn Injuries

  • Patient in hospital awarded $1 million after their bed caught fire and were burned due to a product design.
  • A woman was awarded $4 million for suffering third-degree burns and permanent scarring because she wore a highly flammable skirt.
  • A person with a disability was awarded $275,000 for suffering second-degree burns at a hotel. The hotel allowed for their hot water to exceed safe temperatures.
  • A man suffered second- and third-degree burns after his propane tank ignited over him. He was awarded $970,000.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit: In the State of California victims of serious injuries have two years from the date of an accident to file a civil lawsuit for monetary compensation from all at fault parties. Failure to file a claim within the statutory file limit can eliminate a victim’s right to recovery under the law.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Smoke Inhalation Injury Attorney
It is estimated that 500,000 burn injuries receive treatment every year in the U.S. Burn injuries are incredibly painful, and can leave permanent scarring. This scarring is physical, but it can also include mental scarring and leave the victim with emotional and psychological trauma. Below are the most common sources of burn injuries in the U.S.

  • Contact with flames: 46% of all burn injuries are caused by a fire or flame. It can take seconds to damage flesh. Your nerves send pain signals to your brain, but by the time your brain registers it and reads it as pain, the damage is already done.
  • Scalding injuries: Not all burn injuries require contact with fire, rather with high-energy mediums. The particles inside of boiling water or steam vibrate with a lot of energy, and that energy can burn your skin. 32% of all burn injuries come from steam, hot water, spilled coffee and other such things.
  • Thermal burn injuries: Burn injuries can come from hot objects like ovens, pots, irons, and other such objects. The heat from those objects can transfer to your skin quickly and cause serious damage. 8% of burn accidents are caused by thermal objects.
  • Electrical burn injuries: Electricity can cause burn injuries due to the high energy involved in the circuit. 4% of all burn injuries are caused by accidental contact with electricity.
  • Chemical burn injuries: Corrosive materials, like acids and bases, can burn your skin if they are severe enough. 3% of injuries are caused by chemical burns.
  • The remaining 7% are caused by other things like sun burn, inhalation, fireworks, and other such factors


State of Limitations for Burn Injuries

If you suffered a burn injury as a personal injury case, you have two (2) years from the date you received the injury. This may sound like a long time, but the date can sneak up on you if you do not have a qualified and experienced lawyer on your side.

However, not all burn injuries have a two-year statute of limitations. When you get a burn injury and you want to sue a government agency, your time to sue is reduced by a quarter of the original time. You have six (6) months to take legal action against a government agency from the day you received your injury.

Los Angeles Burn Injury Attorney

Types of Burn and Fire Injuries We Handle

Our Los Angeles Burn Injury Law Firm is dedicated to perusing justice for victims injured in

  • Home Fire Burn Injuries
  • Burn Injuries Due to Defective Products including defective BBQ design injuries
  • Workplace Burn Injuries and Electrocution Burn Injuries
  • Smoke Inhalation Injuries
  • Burns in Schools
  • Child Burn Injuries
  • Burn Injuries From Firework and Explosives
  • Trusted Legal Representation from los angeles Burn Injury lawyers:

    If you have been injured or burned, contact our Los Angeles injury lawyers for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys are available 24/7, for you speak with. We deal personally with our clients and make sure that we develop a strong connection and understand the injuries and pain suffered. While money damages will not repair the damage, they help. Many victims of burn injuries are faced with staggering medical bills. A settlement will not only help alleviate these issues, but also provide funds for you to heal and recover from your injuries.