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Jeep Liberty Fire Class Action Lawsuit – Product Liability

Jeep Liberty Fire Class Action Lawsuit – Product Liability The product liability attorneys at the DTLA LAW Group are actively pursuing an investigation into the filing of possible class action and single party lawsuits against Chrysler and its parent company Fiat SpA for the production and sale of unsafe Jeep liberties resulting in injuries and fatalities due to a heightened risk of fires in the said vehicle. The vehicle involved in the recall include close to 1 million Jeep Liberty models produced between 2002 and 2007. Other models involved on the recall include
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee – years  1993 – 2004
  • Jeep Cherokee  years 1993 – 2001
Attorney Consultation Available: If you have any further questions regarding the filing of a claim for injuries which took place due to a fire caused by a defective automobile feel free to contact our law firm. All consultations with our attorneys are confidential and free of charge.

Jeep Liberty Fire Risk and Recall Information

For months public officials working at the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), have attempted to persuade Chrysler and its parent Fiat to voluntarily recall hundreds of thousands of its vehicles because of an increased risk of fire due to gas tank rupture. However the auto manufacturing giant only relented to such demands in June of 2013, only after regulators threatened the company with the launch of new investigation into the matter. Issues with liability in the claim may develop particularity due to Chryslers bankruptcy and the transfer of all assets to a new corporate entity and with its eventual absorption into Fiat SpA and Italian manufacturing conglomerate.    

Filing a Class A Class Action Lawsuit – Product Liability Lawsuit Information

Class action lawsuits take place when there are a large number of claimant with a similar legal or factual cause of action against a liable party. In a class action lawsuit a class representative is chosen and will represent the matter in the court of law. This persons should have the adequate financial resources to protect the rights of the other class members.  Product liability lawsuits are usually based on proving one of three causes of action. (1) Defect in the original design of the vehicle. (2) Faulty construction practices resulting in a manufacturing defect. (3) Failure to warn of all known and knowable dangers associated with the use of the product.

Compensation Available for Victims of Defective Automobiles

Victims of severe burn injuries caused by a defect in their vehicles have the right to seek financial compensation from all at fault (liable parties). The valuation of the recovery an individual will receive is predicated on some important elements in the case. This may include the severity of the burn injuries suffered, the age of the individual who sustained the harm, need for any future medical and rehabilitation care, loss of wages as well all loss of future income capacity, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and metal anguish.


I own a 2005 Jeep Liberty. I have not been contacted by them concerning a recall. Mywife is afraid tp get in the car after reading about this. What can we do to protect ourselves?


I have a 2007 jeep liberty. It seems that regardless of the trailer hitch that this problem devalues the car substantially. Is there a suit for damages I can join


also I am driving a 2004 Jeep Liberty that when purchased was not aware of the gas tank problem I now feel like I am driving a bomb what can we do about this as I can not afford a new car and am fearful of getting rear ended


I own a 2005 Jeep Liberty -with a hitch that now cannot take a certain impact if hit from the rear and is not protected if it’s hit from a certain side angel- I’m petrified driving this car- People are afraid of me on the road- No one wants to drive with me – I can’t drive the children anymore either because yes it’s a explosive fire hazard. THIS IS SO UNFAIR

Also every time I get gas it’s smells like gas fumes for days- To the point of a headache and I paid for this……


Hi a had a fire in the dash main cable anyone else had is real problem with ins co


When my air conditioner went out it left my 2002 jeep liberty venerable to a rear end collision. This is very dangerous. Driving on conjested freeways in the Bay area i can no longer drive my liberty out of town.


Just a newer version of the Pinto. When the airconditioning goes out on these jeep libertys it leaves them venerable to a rear end explosion. I no longer drive my car in San Fransicio this car is unsafe. Just a newer version of the Pinto


I petrified driving this jeep – it smells like gas very strong for days after I get gas – I am extremely nervous while driving and being hit from the back knowing from documented fatalities – it could explode – yes they put the hitch in but what about back angels behind the gas tank – the hitch will not work from side angles!


My Jeep went up in flames burnt the total inside blew the from top off and even exploded the tires today it was awful
No one was injured just got out before it happpened


I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, I just spent $1000 and had my AC components completely replaced so I can have a working AC/Heater again. I have returned it to the shop twice already because the AC will not go below 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The AC system works perfectly fine, after a lot of research I have found out the the Heater Core was poorly engineered and the blend doors most commonly break completely disrupting correct airflow and mixing hot and cold air together. This being in the South of Georgia and North Florida. Outside Temperatures rise up to 100+ Degree Fahrenheit daily with the humidity heat index. Making it dangerous to drive and commute to work. Such establishments do not allow federal employees to work in Black index, driving should be treated no differently, Jeep owners are a proud community and should not have to making annual repairs because or poor engineering. Preventing our vehicles from maintaining there value. I am all in for a class action lawsuit. If nothing is done about poor engineering and using poor materials to save money for manufacturing they will keep doing it.


I own a 2004 Jeep Liberty. I had absolutely no idea of this dangerous gas tank design flaw and was never notified by Chrysler of any recall. How do I sign up in this class action lawsuit?

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