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Bicycle Defects Cause Serious Injuries

Bicycle Defects Cause Serious Injuries A recent recall called for almost 12,000 units to be recalled after several life threatening injuries were reported. The company Specialized Bicycle Components recalled the bikes because of a defective bicycle fork. A fork is used to hold in place the front wheel of the bicycle and allows the rider to properly steer. Reports of injuries include, facial lacerations, fractures and head injuries. A list of the recalled models include Globe Elite, Globe Sport, Globe Sport Disc, Globe Centrum Comp, Globe Centrum Elite, Globe City 6, Globe Vienna 3, Globe Vienna 3 Disc, Globe Vienna 4, Globe Vienna Deluxe 3, Globe Vienna Deluxe 4, Globe Vienna Deluxe 5 and Globe Vienna Deluxe 6 bicycles. The defective component was manufactured by a Chinese company by the name of Kinesis. if you have been injured in a bicycle accident contact our offices for a free case evaluation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.
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