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Polaris Ranger Recall – Accident Injury Lawsuit Information

Polaris Ranger Recall – Accident Injury Lawsuit Information The Recall includes close to 16,500 vehicles produces by Polaris. The specific vehicles involved in the recall include the 2013 Polaris Ranger® 500 EFI and Ranger Crew® 500 EFI recreational off-highway vehicles. The model numbers of the vehicles include…
  • R13RH50AG, R13RH50AH, R13RH50AM and R13RH50AR
  • R13WH50AG, R13WH50AH, R13WH50AR and R13WH50AX
Current Investigation into Manufacturing  Defect Claims Underway: The DTLA Law Group is currently investigating possible class action and single party claims against Polaris, the manufacturers of the Ranger Recreation Off-Road vehicle, for defects in their product resulting in significant injuries to riders and passengers. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission report on the recall Polaris has received at least one report of the Ranger off road vehicles throttle failing and subsequently resulting in operators loss of control.

Recovery Available for Individual Who Have Suffered Harm Caused By Recalled Vehicles

Under personal injury laws in the United States  individuals are able to receive monetary recovery for all harms sustained due to the negligent and wrongful action of others or the use of a defective product. A calculation of the settlement amount an injured party can receive in such cases are predicated on several important factors. Some of the most important factors which can play a sizeable role in any settlement amount in defective product cases include…
  • The specific type of injury suffered
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses resulting from the harm suffered
  • Loss of work hours and or wages as well as loss of future income capacity resulting from any long term or permanent injures
  • Mental anguish including compensation for pain and suffering
  • Available assets and or insurance coverage on the part of the at fault (liable) entities
  • Availability of punitive damages – such damages can be awarded in cases where the at fault party acted with the intention to cause harm or acted in a grossly negligent manner.
Speak With an Attorney Regarding Your Case: Our law firm is proud to represent individuals who have suffered injuries due to defective products including the faulty manufacturing of off road vehicles. If you have any further legal questions feel free to contact our law offices toll free. (855)385-2529. All consultations are provided free of charge. Further Information: Recall Information for Polaris Ranger Recall  


I’m not sure if my situation is shared by other Polaris owners. I purchased a 2015 model Polaris Ranger 570 in August 2014. I made my purchase without first checking complaints made by other owners, a normal procedure. The reason was I had such good service from my 2004 Polaris and assumed the new machine would also be superior. It had it’s first malfunction at under 500 miles on the clock, but past the six month factory warranty. It even needed a new battery, another six month warranty. Needless to say, the dealer and I are not on close friends. Now with a little over 600 miles on the clock, the clutch/transmission contacts with a delayed jerk, bound to break soon. It involves an expensive repair and not warranted, a dealer only repair. Regular mechanics will not touch it because specialty tools are required. The parts available do not include warranty. I’m not able to use the machine for fear it will not operate long. I would sell it at a loss, however would have to be honest about the problems. The dealer and factory ‘customer service’ are absolutely worthless. I’ve never been treated so poorly on an expensive purchase. The word will get out, Polaris is not an honest company. Their product is an absolute rip off, and they could care less.

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