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Defective Child Safety Seats and Restraint System Injury Attorney

Child car seats or restraints are a required safety element. Parents and guardians trust the use of such equipment to avoid or minimize injuries resulting for vehicle accidents.Contact a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer today However, when such restraints fail to meet there qualified or intended purpose, serious injuries can result. Children under the age of 8 who are placed in a car seat are extremely likely to suffer injuries if car seats fail to work properly. Children due to their young age and fragile body can suffer serious injuries resulting from impact caused by vehicle accidents. Serious to moderate injuries can occur which may result in permanent bodily harm to the passenger. If your child has been injured in a vehicle collision due to a failed car seat or other related harm our offices can help. We will aggressively pursue manufacturers, retailers and all distributors in the commercial line of sale to procure maximum recovery. Our Los Angeles car seat defect attorneys are here to help and offer a absolutely free case evaluation.

California Car Seat Laws

California law mandates that children under the age of 8 are required to be placed in a car seat type restraint. An exception applies if the parent or legal guardian of the child is present in the vehicle at the time. However, as a general rule it is required that your child be placed in a rear car seat restraint so as to avoid injury or harm to his or her body.

Common Types of Car Seat Defect Injuries

Care seat defects can cause injuries including: While this is not a comprehensive list it does point out some of the more common types of injuries. If you would like to check whether your car seat is defective we recommend checking with, National Highway Safety Administrations Child Restraint Recall. The following site provides certain information regarding defective or recalled child car seats, booster seats and child safety restraints.

Car Seat Liability

Depending on the cause and type of injury suffered, multiple parties can be considered liable for the injuries. For instance if you were involved in a rear end collision that ultimately caused your child injury because of a defective car or booster seat then multiple parties can be held liable. Manufacturers of products can be held liable under defective product liability. However your recovery can come from all commercial sellers in the supply chain. For example you can hold the manufacturer, distributor and reseller of the product liable. However, it is likely that the manufacturer will indemnify the other parties, unless the product was changed or modified prior to being sold. It is your attorney’s job to provide you with strong representation in order to achieve recovery for your child’s injuries. Your attorney should be able to provide you with proper so as to avoid you having to suffer the burden of medical bills. We can help and are available to consult with you and offer informed, honest and accurate information.
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