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GM Cobalt Ignition Switch Defect Class Action Lawsuit Information 2014

GM Cobalt Ignition Switch Defect Class Action Lawsuit Information 2014General Motors Ignition Switch Defect Update June 30, 2014: General Motors has offered set if a fund to pay millions of dollars to injured victims and families of individuals who died in accidents caused by their vehicles ignition switch defects. According to GM attorney Kenneth R. Feinburg, charged with the distribution of the funds, “Individuals who have suffered terribly in this whole experience deserve prompt treatment of their claim, and we will do that,”. We are currently investigating possible class action and single party claims against General Motors (GM) for injuries and deaths due to defective ignition-switches in their vehicles resulting in numerous auto accidents across the United States. Our defective product law firm is able to represent victims of General Motors ignition switch defects in all 50 statesThe vehicles of greatest concern to national safety officials issuing the recall is the 2005-2007 model year Chevrolet Cobalt. Other vehicles in the GM line with the defect include the
  • 2007 Pontiac G5
  • 2003-2007 Saturn Ion
  • 2006-2007 Chevrolet HHR
  • 2006-2007 Pontiac Solstice
  • 2007 Saturn Sky vehicles.
According to the lates information the NHTSA has launched an investigation into the matter of General Motors failure to promptly recall the 1.6 million vehicles determined to contain the defect. The problem with the vehicles is that the ignition switch in the recalled vehicle can be inadvertently turned form the run position into the accessory position when the car is being driven resulting in the engine being shut off and all other systems necessary for safe driving including the power steering, airbags and anti-lock brakes being disables. Based on the latest information there have been 300 reported deaths and more than 1,000 accidents caused by the defect.

GM Cobalt Defect Lawsuit Information – How To Win A Class Action Lawsuit

Injuries caused by defective products necessitate the filing a product liability lawsuit. Such claims can be bought against any individual or entity that played a part in its sale and distribution. A cause of action for a defective product claim can be successfully litigated in one of three ways. 1. Proving the existence of a defect in the original design of the automobile. 2. Showing the presence of a defect caused by faulty manufacturing of the product. 3. Failure to properly warn the consumer or end user of ll known and knowable dangers associated with the use of the product. What is a Class Action Lawsuit: Class action lawsuits are filed when there are a large number of injured parties with a similar claim against and at fault party. Class action claims require certification with the court before they can be filed. Certification involves showing the court the existence of several important factors germane to the case at hand.  (1) Large number of claimants so as to make the filing of single party claim impractical. (2) The claimants have a similar issue of fact or law. (3) The class representative has the legal and financial resources to adequately represents the will of the other claimants. (4) The class representative interests in the case are aligned with the other claimants who have members of the class action lawsuit. Further Information: Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit Against GM

Compensation Available for Victims of Defective Automobiles Manufactured By General Motors

Victims of personal injury are entitled under the law to seek compensation for all harms emanating from a liable parties negligent or illegal actions. The average case value on defective product cases is dependent on the types and severity of damages suffered. A brief description of damages compensable include the following…
  • All medical costs associated with the injury including but not limited to future medical and rehabilitation needs.
  • Pain and suffering – thins included emotional trauma and mental anguish.
  • Loss of wages and loss of future income capacity due to disabilities.
Wrongful Death Claims – Lawsuit by Families Who have Lost a Loved One Due to a Recalled Car: Historically relatives of individual who died did not have a cause of action to pursue civil remedies against at fault and or liable parties. Over the year almost all sates and jurisdictions in the United States have enacted various statutes allowing for relatives to file wrongful death lawsuits. For more information on wrongful death lawsuits against GM see here Other issues to consider: It is important to note that not that these cases will likely take some time to finalize. Additionally at this time it is not certain whether the GM, which was once almost bankrupt will be responsible or will the newly emerged GM be on the hook. This is particularly important because punitive damages may apply, which will cause GM to pay significant penalties and damages. However, the old GM does not have the assets necessary to pay for these damages. Although it is possible to assert a claim for damages against GM’s current operating corporation or entity. Speaking With an Attorney Regarding Your Claim: The attorneys and supporting staff at the DTLA Law Group understand the challenges of dealing with the death of a loved one or severe injuries resulting from a defect in an automobile or any other consumer product. Our dedicated and professional staff is here to help answer any legal questions you may have. Feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855) 339-8879.

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