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Federal Cartridge Issues Recall for Blackhawk T-Series L2C Firearm Holsters

Federal Cartridge, a firearms ammunition and components manufacturer, issued a recall on October 22nd, 2019, for its Blackhawk T-Series L2C gun holsters. Over 3,000 of the holsters were recalled due to a design issue that caused the safety switch on firearms to be changed. The trigger could be pulled while the user believes the safety is on. Federal Cartridge Issues Recall for Blackhawk T-Series L2C Firearm Holsters The holsters were manufactured in the United States in Virginia and sold sporting goods stores like Bass Pro Shops across the country, as well as online through Blackhawk’s website. They were sold for two months between June 2019 and August 2019, for $65. They are all-black in color and manufactured with hard plastic. They were made to be used with Sig Saur P320/P250 firearms. There is a serial number of “2101213 A” on the outside of the holster. To date, no incidents or injuries have been reported, which is very fortunate. However, a misfire and mistaken shot can happen at any moment. The company implores the users to refrain from keeping their guns holstered in the items. Consumers should call or contact Blackhawk to receive a refund.

Injuries From A Gun Misfire Due To A Defective Blackhawk Holster

In the event that the safety of a gun is turned off, severe consequences can occur. It is possible that the gun will fire at a sensitive touch or that the user will accidentally shoot, given that he believes the safety is on. Some of the injuries that can happen include:
  • Flesh wounds
  • Nerve damage
  • Muscle damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Shattered bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Blood loss
  • Loss of organs
  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Death
These incidents can happen anywhere, but they are common at the shooting range, where users most often fire their firearms. The handlers will often keep their guns in their holsters until they are ready to shoot, or they may be practicing quick draw drills. The risk of injuries is heightened in open-carry states where people routinely wear their guns on their hips. If they have the weapons out near family or friends, it is possible that a misfire can happen. Steps To Take To File A Product Liability Lawsuit Against Blackhawk If you were injured in a misfiring accident because of a defective Blackhawk gun holster, you should take appropriate legal action. Our product liability attorneys in Los Angeles can assist you.

Steps To Take To File A Product Liability Lawsuit Against Blackhawk

It is important that you follow a procedure to have a good foundation for your product liability lawsuit. The chances of evidence being lost because of negligence are very high, and you should prepare accordingly for your claim. The very first step you should take is to go to the hospital for treatment. Your injuries are the number one priority, and getting them fixed is necessary. You should not wait too long, as that may cause the damages to worsen, and it will also make the insurance agent more dubious about your claim. You can also retrieve copies of medical notes, receipts, insurance details, and more from the hospital. You will need photos to showcase the extent of some damages, such as your injuries and any damage done to the environment or to belongings. There is the chance that you can get videos of the incident, as well. You may have been at a shooting range when the incident occurred; if so, the entire thing could have been caught on camera, which would greatly benefit your case.

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Do not try to fix the holster or tamper with it. If you take it to a repair shop, take it apart, or do anything to mess with the item, you could lose all chances at receiving compensation. The company can claim that it was not damaged beforehand or that you caused the problem, or it can state that there is no way of determining which problems were caused by which party. Similarly, you should not return the item or seek a refund. If you return the holster, you will lose your most important piece of key evidence. If you get a refund, you will have trouble pursuing additional compensation, as the company will say you were already compensated. There may have been eyewitnesses or bystanders who saw the incident occur who could testify on your behalf. You can interview them and add their statements to your evidence pile, as numerous individuals supplying supporting perspectives is beneficial. Retrieve your receipt, bank statements, proof of purchase documents, and anything else that shows that you rightfully bought the holster from Blackhawk. Finally, it is important that you contact a lawyer who has handled these kinds of claims before. If you do not find a product liability lawyer or choose to go through the claim yourself, you stand the chance of losing out entirely. You might not have any experience in the realm, and a product liability attorney can work around the clock to win your case, using methods you may be unfamiliar with or techniques you do not know. You can call our law firm today for a lawyer with experience in defective Blackhawk gun holster lawsuit.

Compensation From A Firearm Incident Due To A Defective Holster

If you were using a Blackhawk holster and your gun’s safety turned off, resulting in a misfire or shooting incident, you could receive ample compensation from the manufacturer. The incident can be attributed to the broken or defective holster, and the shooting would otherwise not have happened. We will see to it that you are given the following forms of compensation:
  • Medical expenses from the incident if you were seriously injured, such as hospitalization costs, surgery fees, physical therapy costs, medication costs, and future medical treatments
  • Property damage to cover the damage done to any of your personal belongings, including the gun, holster, paintings, walls, car, and more
  • Missed income from the past and future if you could not return to work for a period of time due to your injuries or because of recovery time and medical treatments
  • Pain and suffering damages to account for emotional trauma, PTSD, anxiety, fear, mental stress, and more
If a loved one or family member died due to the incident of a misfiring gun, you could pursue wrongful death damages from the company. These damages will cover funeral and burial fees, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, loss of consortium and relationship, loss of expected earnings and income, and more. You may not have the experience required to secure the maximum settlement for your case. We will see to it that you are totally covered and you do not have to worry about fighting for additional restitution. You should focus on recovering while we handle your claim.

Defective Blackhawk Gun Holster Recall Statute Of Limitations

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury claims or product liability lawsuits is 2 years from the date of the injury. If you do not file a lawsuit within this period of time, you will be unable to receive any compensation in the future and will have a void claim it is important that you take legal action quickly; your evidence will be better preserved and not lost, and any memories and statements will be more accurate. There are a few ways in which the statute of limitations can be altered or extended. It is common in cases involving minors, who cannot legally sue if they are underage, and can instead wait until they turn 18 years old to do so. Further, those who were left mentally or physically incapacitated can wait until they return to awareness and health before suing. Moreover, the defendant must be present in the state. If he is not, the statute will be suspended until he returns.

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It is important that you understand how much time is left on your claim and where you are in relation to the deadline. If you are uncertain, you should call a product liability attorney in Los Angeles. We will look over your case and tell you how long you have left. Many victims have a lack of success because they fail to file a lawsuit within the allotted time. We will ensure that does not happen and adhere to the statute of limitations to file your claim and all related documents.

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The Downtown LA Law Group is the best firm if you wish to file a product liability lawsuit against Blackhawk for their defective gun holster. You should not rest until you find a skilled lawyer. We can provide you with an expert team who can work around the clock to secure you every penny you deserve. Our aggressive lawyers have a proven track record and will go to court if necessary to fight for your rights. Call us today at (855) 339-8879 for a free legal consultation to discuss your claim. If you need a product liability attorney in Los Angeles to sue Blackhawk for a defective gun holster, we will walk you through the legal process. We will also give you our zero fee guarantee, which says you won’t pay a dime unless and until we win the case.

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