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Crib Tent Injury Attorney | Defective Child Product Recall

Crib Tent Injury Attorney | Defective Child Product Recall According to officials from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Tots in Mind Crib Tents pose a serious hazards to young children. Crib Tents produced by Tots in Mind Inc. may lead to strangulation and death of child victims. As a result of the defective child product the CPSC has issues a warning to parents and caregivers who are currently using these products. There have been close to 30 tent failures. According to reports there has been one case of death and one case of serious child brain injury due to the defective designed product. Tots in mind first recalled the tents in 2010 however the corporation which manufactured the child tent is no longer in business. If your child has suffered injuries resulting to the Crib tent defect contact the child product recall injury attorney at the Downtown LA Law Firm.
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