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Jet Ski Defect Attorney | Watercraft Defect

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Manufacturers of Jet Ski and other water sport equipment may be held liable for serious injuries and property damages resulting from accidents caused by their defective Products.

Jet ski defects can lead to serious injuries. While these watercraft are used as a personal tool for enjoyment by many, they can be dangerous in the event they are defective. Cases  have shown that that certain models of Kawasaki Jet Ski’s have been recalled for various defects. Other jet ski defects can include a design or manufacturing defect in the product, causing it to be dangerous. In such cases the injuries sustained by the person operating the watercraft can be devastating. Injuries can also be suffered by those in the surrounding area of either the impact or product at the time of its operation. In such cases contact an experienced product liability attorney to determine your rights, you may be entitled to compensation.

Liability for Injuries – Defective Jet Ski Accident – Who is liable?

A common question asked by injured parties, is who is liable for my injuries? In product liability cases, any commercial seller in the chain of distribution or manufacturing is responsible. This refers to any distributor, wholesaler, retailer and manufacturer. While most manufacturers indemnify their distribution network, it is still important to hold all parties responsible in order to procure the maximum settlement for your injuries. The manufacturer will be liable when they produce a defective product and place it in the stream of commerce for sale. What makes a product defective? A product is defective when it fails to perform in the manner it is intended. With regards to jet skis, they are considered defective when they fail to perform in the manner for which they were designed. Product defects can come in the way of manufacturing defects, design defects or failure to properly warn. Other theories can be failure to anticipate the use of the product. The manufacturer will be liable when they produce a product that fails to meet certain guidelines. In the case of jet ski’s they are liable when they fail to meet the guidelines or safety standards required in the industry. Other situations of liability exist when they fail to develop a product that is safe and meets the expectations of the consumer.

Common Injuries caused by Jet Ski Accidents Common injuries for jet ski accidents include:

While this is not a complete list of injuries, it includes the most common types of injuries suffered through Jet Ski defects. Our Jet Ski defect attorneys Los Angeles can help with your recovery.

What to do after my Jet Ski accident? If you have been injured seek medical treatment. Often times injured parties can suffer serious injuries which require medical attention. The first thing you should do after your injury is see a qualified medical professional. It is important that MRI, CT and Neurology reports be conducted to determine the extent or scope of your injuries. Many injured parties suffer from serious head injuries after being involved in these types of accidents. Head injuries can manifest immediate injuries, or they can take a while to appear. In either case, it is necessary to determine the scope and extent of your injuries. Whether it is a traumatic brain injury, constant headaches or a closed head injuries, the first step to recovery is diagnosis.

Compensation for a Jet Ski Accident Claim – Recovery for Your Injuries

After you consult with a health professional, we suggest you retain a qualified product liability attorney. Determining who to sue and who is responsible is difficult. Additionally, many companies will not negotiate with you unless you have an attorney. In such cases it is almost imperative to have legal assistance to ensure you are getting a proper settlement. Jet ski defects and jet ski accident attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law can help with your recovery. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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