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Ford Airbag Class Action Lawsuit – Takata Recall Information

Ford Airbag Class Action Lawsuit – Takata Recall Information Update: Ford Motor Company has issued a recall of many of its vehicles due to defects in their airbags produced by Japanese Auto Parts manufacturer Takata. The expanses recall include 2004-2005 Ranger small pickup trucks. An estimated 12 million vehicles have been recalled by various auto manufacturers across the work due to faulty Takata Airbags.

Victim’s Rights

Individuals who have suffered harm due to a faulty airbag system in their vehicles are entitled to compensation for all harms suffered. Specific damages compensable in such cases include recovery for all current and future medical costs, cost of rehabilitation care, loss of work, loss of future income, as well as non economic damages including pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Action by Takata and Punitive Damage Assessment

In some instances courts have awarded punitive damages to victims. Punitive damage awards are awarded when the at fault party acted with the intent to cause harm or acted in reckless indifference to the lives and health of consumers. According to reporting from the New York Time former workers of the Japanese manufactures have stated that the company knew of the high risk of airbags unexpectedly exploding and releasing potentially harmful projectiles into the passenger compartments. Several tests were conducted by Takata back in 2004; according the article resulting in two of the airbag’s steel inflators cracking, ” a condition that can lead to rupture.” The results of the testing were so surprising Takata engineers, ” began designing possible fixes in preparation for a recall.” However the recall was not issued until a decade after the testing.

Filing A Defective Product Lawsuit:

Product liability claims are considered strict liability under the eyes of the law. There are generally three ways to prove the existence of a defective product in the court of law. (1) Defect in the products original design, (2) Defect in the manufacturing process of the vehicle or airbag, (3) Failure to warn or failure to properly recall a defective product in a timely manner. Attorney Consultation Available: If you or a loved have suffered serious injuries due to an exploding airbag or failure of an airbag to deploy and have any legal issues feel free to contact our law offices. All legal consultations are provided by our attorneys free of charge. Further Information: Deadline for Filing a Takata Airbag Lawsuit


Though we are thankfully not involved in an injury accident, our 2012 Mustang has been sitting for months because of an airbag recall that they are not handling in a timely fashion. When I question my dealer or Ford customer service regarding compensation for loss of use of my vehicle, they tell me I should “drive it”. The answers are obviously well rehearsed and coached. Any of them will repeatedly tell you that you should “drive the car”, without actually saying that it’s safe. I actually just had a service manager read me the recall notice including the part that says the parts can fragment and strike the driver, then tell me that it “doesn’t really say” that it is “dangerous”. Obviously the bottom line is more important that customer safety. Suppliers are apparently more focused on parts for new cars than parts for recall repair, and Ford determined that the risk of a few injury or wrongful death lawsuits is preferable to compensating customers for loss of use of their vehicles. I have copies of email with Ford Customer Service that are almost humorous in their content, if it were not for the fact that they are collectively disregarding the safety of the customer in favor of the almighty dollar. I would love to find an attorney that would pursue this matter of being deprived of the safe use of my vehicle, and being told by Ford and its representatives that we should be driving it anyway .


I have been told the same thing and have complained both to Ford and my stete’s attorney general about this same thing to no avail. Is anyone out there fed up enough to pursue a defective product class action suit regarding this blatant loss of use issue!


My daughter drives a 2010 Ford Mustang and has repeatedly requested her airbag be replaced. Ford advises they do not have a replacement at this time and to continue driving the car. We live in a high humidity state. She suffers from anxiety and is terrified to continue driving her car – but Ford offers no option.


I have had several offers from the Ford dealership that sold me my 2013 Mustang saying that they want me to trade in my Mustang because there is such high demand for it from customers. My question is this: “If I trade in my Mustang, do you have the air bag replacement part to install in my trade in? If so, then install it in my vehicle NOW while I am the owner. Surely you are not going to let it sit there on your lot for months on end gathering dust….and surely you wouldn’t sell it to another customer without replacing the defective air bag. Wouldn’t that be illegal?”Have others received these offers? What is going on here? If they have the replacement air bags, they should start replacing them! Any thoughts?


I currently have a 2014 Mustang coup and decided to trade it in for a RAM pickup. What a surprise i got when the dealer told me my mint condition Mustang with 12000 miles on it was worth only $14000 due to the fact they couldn’t resell it until the airbag was replaced. I asked what the trade in value would be if the airbag was replaced and the salesman didn’t want to answer. I kept the pressure up and he went to his manager and came back with the figures of $16500 to $17500!!!! Ford should pay me the difference!!! Needless to say I still have the Mustang and it is still in storage losing value every day. This doesn’t seem right to me. There must be something that can be done to get this problem fixed. Maybe Ford should be forced to shutdown Mustang production and divert the airbags to the dealers to fix the 500,000 cars they have out there that are not safe or worth their real value.


I also had a Mustang…2013 model, with an air bag recall. After 9 months of being told ” next month…in a couple of months….then finally in the 2nd quarter of 2016…” when the air bag would be replaced. When the 2nd quarter of 2016 came and I called to schedule an appointment, the dealer admitted they had no idea when they could repair the vehicle. In disgust I traded in my mustang with just over 20,000 miles on it. I was given $14,400 for the trade, then the next day saw my vehicle on the dealer’s web site listed for. Nearly $20,000! I was flabbergasted since Iwas told it could not be sold without the air bag being replaced! I then checked several dealerships with low mileage mustangs listed and. Every one had an air bag recall on it. What kind of scam are we dealing with here….when Mustang’s are traded for less than their “true value”, then resold with a safety defect at a higher value. I still continue to receive solicitations for my Mustang trade-in as a “high demand vehicle”. Why is there not a class action suit being put forward? I would be glad to join such a suit.


2004 ford ranger has not been driven over 500 miles since nov 2014 due to recall on air bags and no parts available to fix. Can not sell an unsafe vehicle and losing value.


My wife was involved in a front left side impact in her 2015 Lincoln MKS. Not one air bag deployed. Concussion, Six broken ribs and bruised left lung.


Is there any possibility of a class action lawsuit to receive compensation for loss of use of my 2010 Mustang GT and/or loss of value on a trade in situation? I just received a letter from Ford instructing me not to have anyone sit in the front passenger seat until the airbag was fixed. The problem is they have no parts to fix it and don’t know when they will. Do they seriously expect a 73 year old man and a 69 year old woman to take turns riding in the back seat while the other one drives? Also, it is basically worthless as a trade in on a usable vehicle.


In 2016 received letter from FMC about front seat passenger air bag defect, on line q&a from ford said safe to drive. Now on my 2011 Fusion received letter December 2017 with WARNING no one should be in front passenger seat. So for over 18 months my wife has been at risk of death. My Fusion did not all of a sudden be come a death trap. If you go online its still safe to drive. If this is being read by an attorney it is time to make FMC accountable, they have handled this in a bean counting way.


2009 mustang for sale just sits in my garage as I’ve been sent letter from Ford telling me it’s unsafe


I had my air bags replaced in mt 2004 Ford Ranger , but had to return to Sondale’s Ford because the brake light would not go off. It was corrected but I felt uneasy driving for a while after. I mailed in my recall notice for a monetary award, but haven’t heard a thing. What is my settlement and how long will take to receive money

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