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GM Cobalt and Saturn Ion Wrongful Death Lawsuits From Ignition Failure

GM Cobalt and Saturn Ion Wrongful Death Lawsuits From Ignition Failure GM the major automotive manufacturer recently recalled a number of its vehicles for ignition issues, which have caused over 300 deaths. Our firm is currently investigating a number of cases made to our office in regards to GM’s failure to recall and there potential liability. Families of those who have been killed or those who have been injured are urged to reach out in order to see whether they have a potential claim.

General Motors Liability for Manufacturing a Defective Car Resulting in Fatalities

Facts are still surfacing with regards to whether GM is liable for the injuries and if so to what degree. If it can be shown, and I do believe it will, that GM did have knowledge of the defect and failed to report it, then possible punitive damages will apply. What are punitive damages? Punitive damages are damages which are applied, usually ten times greater than the original award for damages. The purpose of punitive damages are to punish the manufacturer, entity, corporation or individual and to deter others from engaging in the same behavior. If it can be shown that GM acted with knowledge and failed to disclose the defect, which resulted in deaths and injuries, punitive damages may apply. Another important question is why was GM potentially acting in bad faith with regards to the non-disclosure of the issues persistent in the Chevy Cobalt models? It appears that at the time the car was being produced and marketed, GM was facing potential bankruptcy issues. In an effort to prevent or avoid litigation it is a plausible theory that GM intentionally withheld information from consumers until the company showed stronger financial earnings. Our investigation is ongoing and with the continued number of cases we receive daily we will continue to provide updates on this matter. More information on Class Action Lawsuits Against GM

What Makes General Moors Ignition System Defective

GM’s ignition defects are rather unique. According to accident and police reports ignition mechanisms would turn to a an off position while the care was in motion. Usually this would happen when the user/owner of the vehicle would hang additional keys on the vehicle key. This added weight would inadvertently turn the vehicle off and disable the air-bag, therefore making the car extremely dangerous. Additionally ignition systems are designed in such a manner where they are supposed to be secure or fastened before they turn off. Ignition systems work throughout a vehicle and are not supposed to shut off while in transit. In most vehicles ignition systems are part of a  larger overall system that powers the vehicle. This includes ignition coils, distributors for power, spark plugs and the ignition mechanism. In GM vehicles including the Saturn Ion & Chevy Cobalt it appears the ignition system was not operating as intended. A product will be considered defective when it fails to perform or meet the standard for which it was designed. In other words when the product fails to work in a functional manner for which it was designed it will be deemed defective. Defective products will look at manufacturing defects, design defect . At this time it is unclear which type of defect was present, but our investigation is continuing.

Has your time period to file a claim passed – Statute of Limitations for Filing Your Case

This is a very important questions. To answer it briefly, NO.  You will have time to present a claim. Since the defect was not pronounced or recalled until recently, the statute of limitations or time period will not expire and can be delayed. At this time we do not foresee filing issues, unless special circumstances exist. More information on the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit against GM


My Father was killed driving a 2005 Chevy Cobalt in 2007. He was driving with my niece in the car and lost control of the steering and struck a pole. He died about two weeks later from the injuries. My Niece survived the crash uninjured.

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