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Bus Tow Truck Accident Downtown LA – Broadway

Bus Tow Truck Accident Downtown LA – Broadway At least one person has been killed and two suffered serious injuries in an accident Involving a Los Angeles Metro Bus and a Tow Truck in Downtown Los Angeles early in the morning of Wednesday June 12th 2013. The accident took place on South Broadway a short distance from 5th street; a busy intersection which includes a 7-11 store and a Rite Aid Pharmacy. Paramedic were immediately called to the accident location and transported the injured to local area hospitals. One of the injured included the tow truck driver. According to various news reports and information supplied by the Los Angeles Police Department, the crash took place around 5:10 in the morning when a speeding tow truck ran a red light on the intersection of Broadway and 5th street and crashed in a head-on collision with the Metro bus. The tow truck driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the 7-11 store located on the south west corner of the intersection. The tow truck “completely destroyed” the storefront of 7-11. The accident also sheared of a fire hydrant which has since been shut off by the fire department.

Tow Truck Accidents:

Tow trucks pose a far greater risk of safety for a variety of reasons including the size of the vehicle. Tow truck companies should understand the many different ways that an accident can occur, but often times fail to follow proper safety procedures. Tow truck companies can be held liable for the negligent or wrongful driving of drivers they employ. Because of the heightened risk of devastating collisions, tow truck companies are legally bound to carry commercial vehicle auto insurance policies
Further Information:
Legal Assistance: If you or a loved one suffered grave injuries or fatalities due to a tow truck or Metro bus accidents and have legal questions regarding filing of a personal injury claim feel free to contact our law offices toll free 855-385-2529. All consultations are confidential and free of charge.

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