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FedEX and UPS Delivery Truck Accidents Attorney – Commercial Vehicle Litigation

Federal Express and United Parcel service are two of the largest package delivery service companies in the world employing tens of thousands of trucks and commercial vans for their pickup and delivery services.  On most occasions UPS and FedEx trucks are able to deliver their trucks in a safe and hazard free manner.  United Postal Service’s more than 100,000 truck drivers log more than 3 billion miles on the US roads and highways per year and remarkably average less than one accident for every million miles driven. However, in some occasion’s commercial delivery truck are at fault in serious auto collisions leading to catastrophic injuries and fatalities.  If you or a loves one has suffered injuries during a traffic accident with a UPS delivery truck contact the Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys at the Downtown LA Personal Injury Law Firm.

Common Causes of UPS Truck Accident on California Highways, Roads and Surface Streets

There are numerous causes of delivery truck accidents.  Some of the most common causes of UPS and FEDEX truck accidents involve negligence on the part of the carrier driver. Below are common causes of UPS/FedEx truck accidents:

  • Speeding while driving in order to meet delivery deadlines. There may be times when the carrier is running late due to traffic or some other factor and they speed to meet their deadlines. Extra speed can lead to accidents because maneuvering and braking become difficult, and often lead to accidents.
  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence of narcotic substances. In order to make their deliveries and drive into the late hours of the night, drivers may take drugs in order to stay up. These drugs can interfere with a driver’s decision-making ability. Likewise, irresponsible drivers may drive under the influence of alcohol which also puts other drivers on the road at risk.
  • Distracted driving. Truck drivers may take out their phones to text, call, fix their GPS, or change the tunes. Drivers have a responsibility to drive with the most care.
  • Not following truck driving guidelines and regulations. All truck drivers must adhere to the rules and regulations that were made for trucks. Since they are large vehicles, a separate set of regulations were made in order to decrease traffic, and keep other drivers safe.
  • Improper maintenance of the vehicle.
  • Defective truck parts. Including defective tires leading to tire blowouts and defective brakes.
  • Improper loading of cargo. Improper fastening of cargo which can fall from the truck and land on the street. Some cars may try to veer out of the way to avoid the package and cause an accident. Liability will fall to the company.
  • Driver fatigue and losing control of the vehicle. Driving can be an exhausting profession. When drivers do not take their recommended breaks, it can lead to driver fatigue. If the driver falls asleep at the wheel and loses control of their truck, it can result in catastrophic damages.
  • Improper training. Because trucks have their own regulations when it comes to road safety, it is crucial they understand the rules and regulations that they must follow. If they do not receive the proper training, they will not know proper truck driving, which can lead to severe accidents.

If you have been injured from the general negligence of a delivery truck driver you may be able to have a claim against not only the driver but the trucking company which employs the driver.  More so there can be direct liability against a trucking and delivery company for defective and improperly maintained delivery truck used on the road.

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Average value of a ups/FedEx Truck Accident

The value of a commercial truck accident can vary for many reasons. Below are the factors that will determine the largest values of your UPS/FedEx truck accident.

  • Medical Bills: If your injuries required medical treatment, a qualified attorney will be able to recover the full cost of the treatment. You can get compensation for the treatment which you have already undergone as well as compensation for any treatment you may need in the future.
  • Lost Wages: It is possible that your injuries forced you to miss work. Normally, if you cannot work you do not get paid. An experienced lawyer with knowledge of commercial truck accident law can get you the wages you lost because of your time away from work at your regular, non-overtime rate of pay. So if you missed 72 worth of work, you will get 72 hours worth of pay. If you lost your ability to work dur to the accident, you can recover the wages you would have made had you not experienced the damages of the injury.
  • Pain and Suffering: Car accidents can be incredibly traumatic experiences that can lead to PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. In order to prove you are suffering from pain and suffering, a medical expert will need to testify on your behalf.

All of these factors will greatly contribute to the amount of compensation you’ll be able to receive. Our qualified attorney will get you the compensation you deserve for your damages.

Statute of limitations for commercial truck accidents

The statute of limitations is an expiration date for the time you have to file a lawsuit against most crimes. If you file a lawsuit after the statute of limitations expires, it is not valid. If you have been involved in an accident, you have two (2) years from the day of the accident to take legal action. It is recommended that you contact a qualified attorney so they can guide you through the complicated process of filing a lawsuit. If your paperwork is filled out properly, and you do not gather the necessary evidence, the courts will not take your case. Time may expire and your ability to get compensation for your damages and you will never be able to recover the amount you lost. There are exceptions to the two-year statute of limitations. If the victim was a minor, the statute of limitations does not begin until that person’s eighteenth birthday.

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What Steps Should I take If I have been involved in an Accident with a delivery truck – Delivery Truck Accident Claim

Below are some helpful steps to take if you have involved in an accident with a delivery truck.  For a more in depth list click visit here

  1. Always make sure you and those around you are safe: If you suspect any person has been injured seek medical attention.
  2. Do not attempt to talk with the truck driver regarding fault or apologies. Such word can and will be used against you during any litigation of your case.
  3. Contact the local police department and report the trucking accident.
  4. Ask for the delivery truck drivers information including drivers license, truck registration information, contact information, and insurance documentation.
  5. Ask for Information from Witnesses:  if there are witnesses who can testify on your behalf asked them for their contact information.
  6. Take Pictures and take notes as much as possible of all the damage to your truck, and well as the street lights, street address.

Los Angeles Delivery Truck Accident Attorney – Personal Injury Law Firm in Los Angeles

We understand that a serious injury or a death of a family member is a tragedy for all loved ones. We offer our skilled Los Angles Truck Accident Injury Lawyers to represent you in your time of need so that you can concentrate on the most important element of your claim, Your Recovery. Compensation for your injuries can be based on many different factors including

  • Hospitalization Cost including Emergency Room and Paramedic Bills
  • Future Medical Bills and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost Wages and Future Lost Loss of Income
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Punitive Damages – if possible

Learn more about your legal options: Call (855) 339-8879 to speak with a representative now.

Free Second Opinions

If you already have a lawyer but are skeptical about the compensation amount they allege they can win for you, contact our LA law firm today. Our lawyers will meet with you and give you an estimate of the amount of compensation we know we can get for you. We will meet with you at no cost to you. FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION: Our lawyers will sit down with you and listen to the details of your case. They have much experience in commercial truck accidents and will know the best way to get the maximum possible compensation for your damages. There is no financial obligation because we want you to have all of the necessary information to make an informed decision when it comes to something as important as legal representation. Additionally, we also offer the zero-fee guarantee. This means that you will not pay for our services until we prove your case and you get the compensation you deserve. If we cannot do our job and win your case, you will not pay for our services. Downtown LA Law Group possesses the knowledge and determination to maximize the compensation for your injuries you deserve.

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