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Animal Truck Hauling Accidents – Horse Farming Truck Hazards

Animal Truck Hauling Accidents – Horse Farming Truck Hazards Injuries occurring from the transportation of animals and or livestock are an ever growing problem. When cargo carriers, truckers, interstate haulers or anyone involved in such transportation is involved in an accident, the results can be serious. Generally this type of cargo is carried by large load or wide load trucks. When there is a any type of collision with a truck the injures can be devastating. Animal or livestock haulers can be liable when they negligently fasten their cargo. In such cases trucks can lose control of their vehicle or animals can be improperly released onto the highway. Under such circumstances liability can be imposed on the trucking company when fail to properly fasten the product  or cargo. Liability can also be imposed when cages, fastening product, lock tights and other equipment fails to function properly. If the injury is a result of some type product malfunction then a cause of action will exist for product defects. However, the only way to really make this assessment is through proper expert testimony.

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Injured Parties may have a viable personal injury claim against many liable parties including: Animal hauling truck accident attorney
  • Truck Company
  • Hauling Company – Cargo Carriers
  • Truck Driver
  • Truck Loading Company
  • Truck Maintenance operators
  • Owners of the Animals
  • Farm or destination of the farm animal
  • Stare government – transportation administration for dangerous and defective roads
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