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Garbage Truck Accident Attorney | Waste Trash Disposal Vehicle Crash Lawyer

Garbage trucks and waste trash disposal vehicles are some of the biggest automobiles on the road. Garbage Truck Accident Attorney | Waste Trash Disposal Vehicle Crash Lawyer

Some of the most common causes of Garbage Truck Accidents are as follows

  • Poor Road Design Road Damage and Defective Roads – Including PotholesTruck Accidnet Lawyer
  • Speeding and Tailgating
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Failure to Maintain Truck – Leading to faulty brakes, false log books, and overweight loads
  • Negligent Driving Mechanical Failure
  • Distracted Driving – text messaging, using a cell phone, or eating while driving,
  • Improper loading of a garbage truck
  • Lack of Proper Training and Supervision
  • Falling Waste and Trash due to improper loading
  • Narrow Street and Alley way accident lead to side swipes
  • Pedestrian Accidents – Garbage trucks hitting persons on cross walks and stop sings and Garbage trucks hitting bicyclists

Garbage truck accidents lead to death – Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in California

California Wrongful Death Laws: California permits wrongful death cases, so long it is brought by a spouse or immediate blood relative. Essentially a wrongful death traffic accident case allows an individual to stand in the shoes of the deceased and bring a cause of action on their behalf. What this allows for is compensation for the injuries and losses sustained for the death of your relatives. In the state of California it is may even possible to assert a cause for damages for loss of wages, services and other possible claims. Determining whether you should sue is a difficult decision. Any settlement award is insufficient in comparison to the pain suffered, but it is important to consider your rights. Common Injuries Associated with Truck Accidents include:

  • Broken and Fractured Limbs
  • Severe Back Injuries
  • Neck injuries including Whiplash
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Knee and Ligament Damage
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Permanent Disability including Nerve Damage, Quadriplegia, and Paraplegia
  • Facial Lacerations Cuts and Wounds leading to permanent scarring and disfigurement

Our Recent Verdicts and Settlements


Auto Accident


Shoulder Injury

$1.5 Million

Auto Accident

$5.5 Million

Motorcycle Accident


Back Injury

$1 Million

Forklift Accident


Truck Accident

$3 Million

Truck Accident

What should I do after a truck accident

Below are the first five steps you need to take after a garbage truck accident.   For a full and detailed list visit this page….

  1. Make sure you and those around you are safe.  And contact a emergency medical professional to assist any person who has been injured.
  2. File a Police Report of the Accident with your local law enforcement body
  3. Do not attempt to talk with the garbage truck driver regarding fault or apologies
  4. If you are not injured and it is safe to do so ask the other driver for their, drivers license, truck registration information, contact information, and insurance documentation.
  5. Never argue with other drivers regarding fault.
  6.  If there are witnesses who can testify on your behalf asked them for their contact information

What is the Amount I can Recover in a Garbage Truck Accident Lawsuit

Recovery will be based on many different factors.  According to California Personal Injury Laws recovery for injuries can be based on the following. Medical Expenses: Medical expenses include all medical bills and costs, including those incurred in the emergency room, hospital visits, doctor visits, MRI testing facility, radiologists, chiropractors, dentists, or any other treating professional that was necessitated as a result of your injury. Medical expenses further include any medical devices, such as crutches, braces or medical equipment used and purchased during your recovery. Future Medical Expenses: Unfortunately, the effects of a car accident can often be felt for months, years, or even a lifetime after the injury occurred. We will work with doctors and other medical specialist to establish the full amount of any future medical expenses to make sure you are adequately compensated for these damages. Lost Wages: After an accident, you are entitled to any income you lost as a result of the car accident. Even if you were unemployed before the car crash,  we may be able to procure lost wages damages by demonstrating what you could have earned but for your accident. Loss of Earning Capacity: In addition to current lost wages, victims of car accidents are eligible to receive compensation for future lost wages. A Lawyer at Downtown LA Law will negotiate with insurance companies to obtain all lost future earnings. Mental Anguish: A victim of a car crash can further be compensated for mental suffering that could include fright, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief or feelings of distress. Victims of a car accident may receive damages as a product of mental anguish if it is reasonable to assume that mental suffering will result from the accident.

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Our dedicated team of legal professionals will vigorously protect your rights so that you can receive the compensation you are owed.  It is under this premise that we provide all our Clients with a   OUR NO RECOVERY…NO CONTINGENCY FEE AGREEMENT If your love one has been a victim of a Personal Injury we believe that you have suffered enough.  We believe your rights come first, and that every individual deserves proper, adequate, skilled and aggressive representation. It is under this belief that we stand by our policy: “NO RECOVERY…NO CONTINGENCY FEE. Remember:  It is crucial to act quickly after you’ve been injured to report any accident claim before limitations can lower or extinguish your right to recovery. Call us for a free consultation with one of our injury lawyers regarding your injuries.

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