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Can I Sue If I Was Passenger in a Truck Accident

Can I Sue If I Was Passenger in a Truck Accident A passenger in a truck accident often suffers the most amount of injuries. However, insurance companies will try to minimize the extent of the injuries suffered. Passengers who are injured will be able to pursue a claim from both the at fault driver and the driver of the vehicle you were a passenger in. Since truck accidents can cause such devastating injuries, it is important to work on maximizing your case value by adding multiple policies. If you have been injured read the following article to learn more about your rights.

Is This a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Workers compensation claims include those which occur at work. If the injury occurred while you were at work you cannot pursue an independent cause of action for your injuries. However, if a 3rd party was responsible for the injuries, you can possibly pursue a claim. So what is a 3rd party claim? These are injuries caused by anyone who is not employed by your employer. For example if you were a passenger in your friends truck and he was involved in an accident, you can pursue a claim against the responsible party. Even if the driver of the truck in which you were a passenger was at fault, you can still pursue a independent claim for your injuries. Make sure to avoid going through workers compensation unless it is necessary. WC claims will not permit recovery for pain and suffering, which will significantly reduce the value of your claim. If you were injured make sure that every element of your claim is evaluated. Often times you may mistakenly overlook a necessary or important component of your claim. Make sure you discuss these issues with your attorney before making any final decisions.

Should I Speak With the Insurance Adjuster adjuster

Speaking to an adjuster is not required by law, in fact you are required to speak with an adjuster regarding your accident claim. Truck accident insurance companies will usually dispatch an investigator or adjuster to the scene of the accident. These adjusters will attempt to get a statement with regards to how the accident happened. However many time inaccurate statements will be made since due to the stress of the situation. You have a duty to make a statement to your own insurance company. However, you have no legal duty to make a statement to the other parties insurance. Even when making a statement to your own insurance company it is important to control the statement so it is not recorded or permitted to be used by the other parties insurance company.

What About Medical Bills

Medical bills are the responsibility of the at fault party. If you were injured focus on getting better. Injuries from a truck accident can be serious. It is important that you seek the best medical attention possible. Rest assured that these bills will be part of any compensation package offered to you.

Retrieving The Accident Police Report Is Helpful To Your Case

A police report is a critical element of your claim. Police reports will have lots of important information. This includes the name of the drivers, insurance info, how the accident happened and any other pertinent information. This will also include statements from witnesses. A police report is important to being successful in your case. However, in certain situations a police report can be inaccurate. In these types of cases you will have to challenge the report. Make sure you ask to see a copy of the report and make sure your attorney immediately request a copy of the report after the accident. Legal Assistance: If you were injured in a truck accident contact our offices for a free case evaluation. You are entitled to compensation for all of your injuries. Make sure to speak with a personal injury attorney at the Downtown L.A. Law Group for a free and confidential case evaluation. More information: California Truck Accident Laws

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