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Armored Truck Accident Attorney

Armored trucks are devastatingly dangerous vehicles. Their weight and design make them highly dangerous vehicles to have on the road. When this vehicle is improperly trusted or negligently entrusted in to the hands of an unqualified party, catastrophic injuries can result. Speak to an armored truck accident attorney in Los Angeles today for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys are always available and can help answer your legal questions.

Armored Truck Accident Lawsuit – Recovery based on Driver Liability

Los Angeles Armored Truck AttorneyWho is liable for my injuries? Is the driver liable? Armored trucks are owned and operated by corporations who employee drivers are held liable or made responsible for the negligent actions of their employees. When an armored truck driver is involved in an accident they are considered an agent of their employer, who in turn is made responsible for the injuries or negligence of his employee. Other forms of liability can be in the form of negligent employment. For instance if the armored truck company knew that their employee was a bad driver or had a history of reckless behavior, liability can be imposed. Knowledge that the employee had a poor driving record, past instances of drinking and driving or other violations can hold the employer liable for negligent employment. Liability can also be found where the truck was not properly inspected. If the truck was defective or failed to be inspected the armored truck company or operator can be found liable. Armored trucks are made from bulletproof material in certain areas. This increases the weight of the vehicle substantially. As a result owners and operators need to exercise special care to ensure that the vehicle is functioning properly. Issue such as defective or inoperable brake pads, tire blow outs, damaged or defective steering columns can all cause serious injury. Any business owner owes a duty to inspect for these particular issues. When they fail to do so and injuries result, then they will be held liable.
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When a corporation, operator or armored truck company fails to exercise proper care with either employment or proper inspection of the armored truck, then they will be liable.

Common Injuries from Armored Vehicle  Truck Accidents

The average Armored Truck can weigh up-to fifty-five thousand pounds. While the average car on the road weighs around four-thousands pounds. Thus, an Armored Truck can weigh almost fourteen times that of an average car. Add that with the speed and force of accidents caused by armored trucks, it is easy to understand that they can be serious. Common injuries suffered from Armored Truck accidents can include the following:
  • Brain injuries
  • Amputation
  • Neck injuries
  • Ocular injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Dental damage
  • Ear injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
Your injuries should be evaluated by a specialist. In order to fully understand the extent of your injuries a qualified physician should be consulted. Each injury can have serious long term complications. Any attorney you decide to retain should fight for you. It is important to work with a firm that will take the time and resources to ensure you are properly compensated for your injuries.

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Truck Accident Cases and Trials – Accepting Settlement for your Injuries

A common question is always whether or not you should attempt to negotiate with an insurance company directly, without an attorney present. Many people feel that employing an attorney will take away a substantial portion of their money and they will be left with very little. This is the case when dealing with unscrupulous or non-client focused law firms. Attempting to deal with the insurance company can be difficult. They have more experience and resources then you do, and will try every method to destroy your case. Insurance companies will downplay your injuries, run the statute of limitations or attempt to give you a low ball offer. It is important to speak with someone who can handle your case and maximize your injuries. Long term injuries are common. However if you are not compensated for them, any settlement amount can essentially destroy your ability to recover subsequently. However there are certain times where the insurance company has made a reasonable offer. In those instances it is advisable to accept the terms of the agreement and not retain an attorney. Speak to one of our attorneys and we will give you a fair, honest and immediate case evaluation. If we feel you are receiving a valid offer we will advise you to accept it, at no cost to you. If our opinion is otherwise, then we will advise going forward with litigation. If you have any further questions and would like to speak to a armored truck accident attorney specializing in armored truck collisions contact us today.
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