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Common Causes of Truck Accidents – What Causes Big Rig Crashes

Common Causes of Truck Accidents – What Causes Big Rig Crashes There have been various studies published by national motor carrier health and safety administrations outlining the most common causes of trucking related accidents. Our research team evaluated numerous studies to come up with e detailed list of the most common cause of truck collisions on our roads. For more information regarding truck accident lawsuits and claims process contact feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529.

Top Ten Causes of Truck accidents and Trucking Related Injuries in the United States

Unsafe – Negligent Driving: The most common cause of unsafe or negligent driving of truck is time constraints placed on truck drivers by trucking companies and their operators. Such constraints often results in driving while tired, distracted driving and speeding to meet a deadline.

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Driving at a High Rate of Speed During Poor Weather Conditions: High speeds on the road are the cause of a large percentage of most type of motor vehicle accidents including truck accidents. What’s more the force of an impact involving a large heavy truck is made more dangerous by the vehicle increased speed during impact. According to estimates speeding accounts for nearly 20% of all trucking related accidents. Overloaded and Unbalanced Loads on Trucks: According to some estimated nearly one in four or 25% of all trucking related injuries involves the inadequate securing of cargo. Unbalanced and overloaded cargo can result in rollovers, and jackknifing incidents. Logging and timber trucks and big rigs carrying wide loads often experience such issues. Poor Road Conditions – Road Hazards: California’s mountainous terrain entail great challenges for truck drivers and trucking companies. In situations where accidents are caused by poor road conditions victims may be able to file a claim against government agencies including CALTRANS for failure to properly fix and maintain roadways. Claims against the government must be filed with the government agency within 6 months from the date of the accident. Failure to file a claim with the agency will bar a victim from compensation. Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol or other Narcotic Substances: All too often truck drivers attempt to fend of sleep by taking controlling substances including amphetamines which can drastically reduce a driver capability to properly operate a large motorized vehicle. In other instances truck accidents are caused by used a alcohol, marijuana, and opiates. Bad Weather: Climactic conditions including high winds, ice on the road and sleet are the cause of thousands of accidents each year. Under such conditions truck drivers owe a duty to safely drive their vehicles and or pull to the side of the road or the off ramp until the risk of accidents due to poor weather has dissipated.

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Amazon Delivery Truck Accident
Defective Manufacturing of the Vehicle: In many instances truck companies improperly design on manufactures vehicles resulting in severe injuries and accidents. Defects often include brake failure, defective winches and undercarriage. Generally there are three differing causes of action in defective product lawsuits.
  • Defects in the Design of the Vehicle
  • Defect in the manufacturing of the vehicle
  • Failure to warn of dangers associated with the use of the product – also referred to as a labeling defect
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