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U.S. Postal Truck Accident Attorney

We have recently received a number of calls with regards to U.S. Postal trucks, cars and vans causing accidents. In most cases clients are not aware of how to handle these cases, because they are not like your regular auto accident case. In most auto accident cases you will have a insurance company that you can deal with directly and there are NOT any special rules with regards to filing your case. However, in cases against the U.S. Postal Service you are dealing with a government entity. Such claims will generally be fought and there is no direct insurance company that you can pursue. If you were involved in a an accident with a U.S. Postal Service truck, car or van you need to act quickly to preserve your rights. You only have a LIMITED time period to file a claim.
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Filing My Claim, What Do I do

Post Office Truck Accident Injury Lawsuit - Attorney Info CenterCases dealing with a government entity you will need to file a claim immediately under the Federal Claims Tort Act of 1946. In such cases you must file an administrative claim for review within 2 YEARS from the date of the accident, remember there are NO exceptions for minors. You must file the administrative claim before the 2 year period expires.

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After you file the administrative claim the U.S. Government will respond at which point you will have 6 MONTHS to file a lawsuit if you are not happy with their decision. It is never advisable to wait before filing a claim. You must act swiftly in order to preserve your rights, so make sure you speak with an attorney about your case immediately.

Should I File the Claim Myself or Hire an Attorney to Represent Me

You have two options with regards to this issue. First, you can file the claim yourself. If you decide to go this route make sure that the claim is perfected to avoid any issues. Second, you can get an attorney who will assist you. Generally if we decide to accept your case, we will have this claim filled out as part of the case procedure.  In my recommendation unless you have almost exhausted the statute or cannot find or do not wish to get an attorney, then you should consider filing the claim yourself.
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Case Value – What is the Average Case Settlement for Accidents With Postal Trucks

Case value will be determined by the extent of your injuries. However, unlike most automobile cases you are dealing with an entity that has sufficient funds to satisfy any potential injuries. A major problem in auto accident cases is whether or not the at fault party has funds to satisfy the injuries you have suffered. In many cases they only carry a minimum policy that is not sufficient to cover your medical expenses. In such cases clients are forced to take drastically less in the way of compensation because there are no other assets to go after. However a case against the U.S. Postal Service is different, with regards to this aspect. Although the flip side to this is that such cases require more time, effort and costs to litigate. In such cases we will expend tremendous resources to make sure the outcome of the case is sufficient to cover the costs of your medical expenses and other care. If you have been injured make sure your case complies with the necessary statute of limitations.
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Always consider your options. Never speak with an insurance company before speaking with a lawyer, DO NOT sign any documents for release of liability and make sure you know your rights. Our firm has handled multiple such cases and provide confidential consultations with regards to your personal injury case.

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