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Forklift Accidents – Workers Compensation Lawsuit Information

Call us for a free case reviewForklifts are considered a modern marvel. They allow for the operator to move and re-locate heavy equipment, materials or other object with ease and efficiency. However, an un-skilled operator can cause serious and extensive damage to the property and persons around them. A party who operates such equipment without proper training can cause serious bodily injury to innocent by-standards. If you have been injured in a forklift accident as both an operator and victim contact our offices for a free case evaluation.

Liability for Forklift Injuries – FIling a Workers ComP Lawsuit

Liability for injuries depends on certain factors; however it is possible to hold the employer of the operator and possibly the property owner liable for the injuries. In such instances the employer can be liable when they fail to take steps to ensure that the operator is qualified. Additionally, through theories such as vicarious liability an employer is generally held liable for the negligent or wrongful conduct of his/her employee. Although certain limitations may apply it is important to have your case reviewed by someone who is qualified and experienced.

List of Forklift Manufacturing Companies

  • Toyota Industries Corp.
  • Kion Group
  • Baoli
  • Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp.
  • Crown Equipment Corp.
  • NACCO Industries
  • Mitsubishi Caterpillar
  • Forklift
  • Mitsubishi, CAT
  • Komatsu Utility Co.
  • Anhui Forklift Group
  • Nissan Forklift Corp.
  • Atlet
  • TCM Corp.

Common Forklift Injuries

Common forklift injuries include:
  • Pedestrian involved in an accident by a forklift;
  • Forklift overturning and causing injuries;
  • Forklift impact with non-moving object;
  • Falling onto the forklift;
  • Overextension of the forklift and its capacities;
  • Injury resulting from repair of the forklift;
  • Falling objects caused by the forklift;
  • Pedestrian or store customer being stuck between the forklift and surrounding objects.

Serious Injuries Resulting from Forklift Accidents

If you have been injured as a result of the forklift turning over, falling over or causing injuries then you may be entitled to compensation. Forklift injuries causing disability are serious and medical treatment both present and future can be high. Let our offices fight for your rights and help with recovery. Our talented staff can help you achieve and procure maximum recovery. Additional injuries can cause more permanent injuries or even death. In the event that a fatality/death is caused by a forklift accident you may have a cause of action for wrongful death. In such cases you may be able to assert a cause of action for the loss of your loved ones. California has specific wrongful death statutes that allow for certain members of the deceased estate to recovery for their injuries. While not all parties are able to bring a cause of action for wrongful death certain close family members, wife, mother, father and children may be able to do so. If your loved one has been involved in such an accident contact us we can help. Our Los Angeles forklift attorneys have the experience needed to fight your case.

Where do forklift accidents occur?

Forklift accidents can occur in many different settings, the most common include:
  • Warehouse or manufacturing facilities;
  • Big box retail stores including Target, Costco and Walmart;
  • Grocery stores including Ralphs, Von’s and Albertsons;
  • Distribution facilities which use such products; and
  • Any other facility that uses forklift equipment.
If you are an operator and have been involved in an accident resulting in injury you can recover. Don’t waste time with workers compensation claims which will only limit your recovery. Our offices will fight to make sure you are given appropriate compensation for your present and future injuries.

Compensation can include:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of work;
  • Medical bills;
  • Permanent disability; and
  • Emotional distress.
If your injuries are a result of your employment, you can recover. Forklift injuries at work causing injuries are serious. They involve expert testimony and qualified representation. Our offices have the support and staff to help with your recovery. Our forklift injuries at work attorneys can get you the results you deserve. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.
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