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Bus Accident FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions Bus Accident Injuries

What are the most common causes of Bus Accidents?

Common Causes of a Bus Accident included the following

What the Statute of Limitations for a Bus Accident Claim?

Bus Accident Attprney Answers Legal Questions of Personal Injury VictimsThe Statute of limitations for an auto accident claim in the state of California is two years. However claims against public bus operators must be filed with the agency in question within 6 months from the date of the accident. Although failure to file a claim within the statutory period could result in barring your claim, there are certain exceptions. Although the statutory period begins to run on the date of the accident, exceptions will be made in situations where the injured party was mentally incompetent or incapable of filing a claim. Furthermore, the statutory period is extended for minors under the age of 18. The minor has until their eighteenth birthday, plus the statutory period of 2 years to file the suit lastly, the statutory period may be extended where an injury is unknown, but is later discovered. Additionally, Car Accident claims against public agency, the claim must be made within 180 days from the date of the car accident. Also, the car accident claim must first be filed and denied before a lawsuit can be commenced.

I was hit by a bus while walking. What are my rights as a pedestrian that was struck by a bus?

As a pedestrian you have a right to claim any injuries you have suffered as a result of the negligence of intentional conduct of another.  This included the bus driver, Operations Company, city transit and public transportation agency, bus manufacturers and their respective insurance companies.

What Should I do at the scene of a Bus Accident?

  • Immediately Seek medical treatment. Even if you believe you only suffered minor injuries you should seek out a medical professional since there may be injuries that will only surface after a medical exam.
  • Collect Information:  Once danger has cleared up you should ask  for the names, addresses, telephone numbers, drivers license numbers and insurance information of the other driver.
  • Call your local law enforcement/police and request a filing of a police report.  As for a copy of the accident report.  Hold on to the report for future legal purposes.
  • Contact a bus accident law firm immediately following a motorcycle accident at (855) 385-2529 for a free consultation.

Learn more about your options for compensation by calling (213) 389-3765.

At what point should I contact an attorney regarding a bus accident.

You should contact a Bus Crash Lawyer immediately once you believe all danger has dissipated at the scene of the accident and all who need medical treatment have been tended to.  One needs to act fast in obtaining consultation from an attorney who will advise you of the legal significance of any action you take. An attorney needs to immediately take legal action on your behalf so that we can protect your rights and maximize any future recovery on your behalf.

Why is a traffic accident involving a bus more likely to cause injury than one involving regular sized car?

Despite many laws and regulations governing the safety buses on the road, a bus accident is vastly more harmful then an accident involving regular sized motor vehicles.  A typical fully-loaded large bus can weigh more than 60,000 pounds; while an average automobile weighs approximately 3,000 pounds.  Due to the sheer size disparity of the two any collision between a commercial bus and another vehicle or a pedestrian is likely to result in serious, even fatal, injuries.
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