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Who can I sue for Bus Accident Injuries?

Common Carrier Liability: Public Entities who are the operators of the bus line can be held liable for the negligent acts of bus operators under their employment. Bus line operators owe a duty to properly train bus drivers. It is important to note the significant of the Statute of Limitations in claims against government entities. In the state of California lawsuits for person injury against government entities including agencies which own and operators local and regional bus lines must be filed within six month of an accident. Failure to do so will likely bar an individual from pursuing a claim for recovery. Who Can I Sue in a Bus Accident LawsuitBus Driver: Individual on-board buses ma have a claim against a Bus Driver for Negligent Operation of the Public Transportation Vehicle. Under California Common Law Bus operators/drivers have a heightened duty to protect occupants on board their vehicle from undue harm. School Districts for School Bus Accidents: Similar to bus line companies public and private school who transport their students to and fro school or sporting activities. Lawsuits against public school districts must be filed within six months of the initial injury. There is a two year statute of limitations to file a claim for compensating of injuries suffered by school bus passengers and other motorists injured by private school buses. City, County and State Agencies for defective roadway construction:  In many instances bus accidents are the result of defects in roadway construction and defective highway designs. Public entities including CALTRANS may be held liable for injuries to passengers on board buses. Common roadway defects resulting in traffic accidents include
  • Improperly signed zones intended for Construction zones
  • Unclear lanes or turns
  • Loose dirt and gravel on the road left over after construction
  • Debris left roads and highways
  • Curves that do not have signage warning motorists
  Bus Manufacturers and Auto Parts Manufacturers: All too often defects in buses including wheelchair lift defects and bus door defects result in serious injuries. Injured parties may seek restitution based on three causes of action in a product liability claim (1) Defect in the research and design of the vehicle (2) Defect during the manufacturing process of the vehicle (3) Failure to warn defect: failure to place proper warning labels so that users will be aware of all known risk associated with its use.
Other Potential Liable Parties;
  • Driver of other Vehicle for negligent Driving
  • Other Passengers on board the bus
  • Private Bus Line Tour Operators
  • Tour Companies using buses to transport tourist from one destination to the next
  • Bus maintenance crew – third party companies who perform maintenance of buses
  • City and State government agencies
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