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Helicopter Tour Accidents

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Aerial accidents, including those involving helicopters, are among the most devastating types of accidents. Were you or a member of your family injured in a helicopter accident? Did a member of your family die as a result of a helicopter accident? If so, it is important that you explore the legal options available to you. You might have grounds to file a lawsuit and recover compensation.

The negligent actions of parties or entities could lead to helicopter accidents.
Often times mechanical failures, human error or other events can cause serious or catastrophic tour helicopter crashes resulting in serious injuries and fatalities. If you have been injured as a result of riding or participating in a helicopter tour, contact our offices for a free case evaluation. We can help with your questions regarding waivers, liability and compensation for your injuries. If defendants parties in personal injury claim are found liable for the accident then you are entitled to compensation for all your losses including the following:

  • Medical Expenses and rehabilitation costs
  • Disability care and prescription drug medication costs
  • Lost waged and loss of future income
  • Pain and suffering and emotional trauma
  • Punitive damages – where possible 
Common Causes of Airplane Accidents

If you already have representation, contact us for a second opinion. Our consultation fees are completely free and we are happy to help you assess your case. Our lawyers are ready to help you after being affected by a helicopter tour accident.

Do waivers limit my ability to recover?

Helicopter crash injury lawsuit legal representation

Typically, helicopter tour companies require passengers to sign a waiver prior to their aerial trip. Waivers serve the purpose of shielding the operator from lawsuits when patrons are injured as a result of using their facilities or equipment. However, waivers are not a full line defense and can be overcome under certain circumstances. The primary question to ask with regards to waivers is whether a waiver can actually limit the negligence of the operator. While waivers do limit certain types of issues, they are not always a bar. In general, liability waivers do not include gross negligence.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 Crash Claims Over 100 Lives

If you have been injured and feel that your waiver limits your liability contact our offices so that we may review it for you. It is possible that such waivers are invalid. Waivers are generally known to be adhesion contracts, which can be considered invalid in part or entirely.

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Who is liable for my injuries?

A common question with regards to tour accident injuries is who is liable? Liability can depend on a number of different factors including, the type of accident and injuries. It is possible that multiple parties be held liable in the event that there is an accident including the tour company and any other vehicles involved in the incident. Liability is based on the concept of negligence, which consists of a duty of care, a breach of duty, cause, and harm. So, who is liable? The answer to this question will be based on the details surrounding the incident – most importantly, the cause of the incident. If the helicopter accident occurred due to the negligent actions of the helicopter tour company (by failing to train pilots, failing to ensure pilots are licensed, failing to maintain their helicopters, etc.), then the tour company would be liable. Similarly, if the accident occurred because the helicopter manufacture was negligent (e.g., failed to identify and address dangerous defects in the helicopter that made it unsafe), then the manufacturer could be liable. Mechanics and maintenance crews can also be liable based on the same principle; they have a duty of care that, when breached, could ultimately lead to incidents and dangerous harm.

In most cases, liability falls onto the helicopter tour company; therefore, you could file a lawsuit against the company. However, other parties could also be liable. To ensure that you have a thorough understanding of who is liable for the harm resulting from the helicopter accident that affected you and your family, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at our firm immediately.

Types of Injuries Resulting from Helicopter Accidents

Common injuries can be moderate to severe depending on the type of accident and location. Generally helicopter accidents can cause serious head, neck and back injuries depending on the height of the helicopter at the time of incident and type of crash. If you have been involved in a helicopter accident or aviation accident after participating in a guided or scenic tour we can help with your recovery.

Common injuries resulting from aviation accidents are as follows:

  • Spinal Cord Damage
  • Head Trauma injuries (including skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries)
  • Severe neck and lower back injuries including ruptured discs
  • Broken and fractures bones (including simple and complex fractures)
  • Amputations
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Loss of eyesight
  • Loss of hearing
  • Facial lacerations resulting in permanent disfigurement
  • Lacerations, in general
  • Severed limbs
  • Crushing injuries

Regardless of the harm that you or a member of your family suffered in an accident involving a helicopter tour company, it is important that you know that you could sue. As explained above, the helicopter tour company (and potentially other parties/entities) could be liable for the incident and could be sued. Do not hesitate to contact the experts at our law firm immediately.

What if my loved one died as a result of the accident?

You might be eligible to file a wrongful death claim for the death of a loved one due to a helicopter tour accident. California law has what is known as survivor statutes allowing for the family of the deceased to bring a cause of action on behalf of his or her estate. In order to have standing in a wrongful death cause of action you must satisfy certain criteria. While not all family members can bring a cause of action, the spouse, children, parents and other decedents or issue can present a cause of action. Additionally, California recognizes domestic partnerships to have standing in a wrongful death statute. While this is not a complete list it is required that you speak with an attorney to have a better understanding of your rights.

Helicopter tour accidents sue compensation incident injury liability attorney lawyer

How We Can Help

We know that monetary compensation is not sufficient to fill the void left by injuries or loss, but it can help to alleviate the costs and other financial losses incurred as a direct result of the helicopter accident. Costs including medical bills, burial expenses and other related expenses can be substantial. Downtown LA Law’s represents victims who suffered injuries as a result of helicopter tour crashes or tour company accidents. Our Los Angeles tour accident attorneys handle a host of different issues and are available for free consultations. In addition to free consultations, we are also proud to offer free second opinions, during which our expert helicopter accident attorneys can provide you with the guidance that you need to switch representation if you have already started your claim elsewhere.

We offer our clients a Zero-Fee guarantee, so you will never have to worry about paying upfront legal fees for any of our legal services. We also work on contingency; therefore, our clients will never have to pay anything until after reaching a positive claim outcome. So, if you don’t win, you simply won’t have to pay for legal fees.

If you are ready to speak with our helicopter tour accident attorneys, do not hesitate to contact DTLA Law today.

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