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Common Causes of Airplane Accidents

Common Causes of Airplane Accidents Despite massive improvements in design safety airline accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Below we have provided the a comprehensive list of the most common causes of airplane accidents compiled by our researchers from numerous sources.

Most Common Causes of Airplane Accidents – Civil Aviation Accident Causes

Human Error – Flight Crew Errors: Errors in judgment from the flight crew including pilots, and co pilots is the leading cause of airline accidents globally. Other than pilot errors other crew member errors can also lead to accidents including the failure to properly close cargo doors. Defect in the Design or Manufacturing of the Plane: Defect in the airplane is a substantial factor in many airline crashes across the world. Manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus have a duty to protect passengers by employing numerous tests before production to ensure the safety of the craft. Service and Maintenance Failure – Poor Upkeep of the Plane: Airlines are regarded as common carriers under various US state and Federal jurisdictions. As a result they are charged with a heightened duty to properly maintain planes in a safe and fly worthy conditions so as to prevent structural failures or engine failures.
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Weather – Poor Climactic Conditions: Common climactic and environmental hazards for planes include, foreign objects, birds, volcanic ash, and debris striking jet engines, lightning strikes, high winds, ice and storms resulting in poor visibility. Accidents Caused by Air Traffic Control and Runway Safety: In many instances confusion caused by air traffic control results in devastating runway collisions between aircrafts during landing or take off.
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