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DePuy ASR Defect Recall Trial – J&J Failed to Rectify Design Flaw

DePuy ASR Defect Recall Trial – J&J Failed to Rectify Design Flaw The trial is underway in Los Angeles California against Johnson&Johnson for the manufacturing of defective DePuy Hip Replacement medical implants. According to plaintiffs opening arguments the manufacturers of medical device failed to warn doctors of the risks associated with hips implants containing metal on metal joints. The specific hip implant in question was the Metal on Metal Johnson & Johnson DePuy ASR XL which the plaintiffs described as  “dangerous and defective in design.”According to testimony, “debris from the metal ball sliding against the meta cup caused the ions to enter plaintiffs blood stream” resulting in metalosis other know as metal poisoning . The causes of action claimed by the victim include (1) Defective Design (2) Failure to Warn: Also referred to as Labeling Defect in some product liability claims and (3) Negligent handling of a recall.

More Information in Metal on Metal Hip Implant Dangers

Various studies regarding metal on metal hip implants have detected an increased risk of serious side effects. In one such study metal to metal hip implants presented a 6.2% defective failure rate in comparison to 1.5-2% for non metal on metal (mom) hip replacement designs. common risks associated with Metal on Metal his implants include
  • Metalosis
  • Cobalt Poisoning or Cobaltism
  • Severe nerve damage leading to incapacitation
  • Bone loss and Joint Infections
  • Soft tissue necrosis

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The Downtown LA Law Group is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals who have suffered medical complication resulting from the implantation of defective hip implants. If you have questions regarding DePuy ASR claims against manufacturers Johnson&Johnson contact us at (855)385-2529.

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