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Collapsing Card Table Chairs Sold at Walmart Causing Finger Amputations

Collapsing Card Table Chairs Sold at Walmart Causing Finger Amputations Recently Walmart stores issued a recall of its popular selling card table for fall hazards and finger amputations caused by the defective product. There are about 73,400 of these units in circulation at this time and over 10 reports of serious injuries reported to date. If you own this product immediately return the product to avoid injuries. If you have been injured read the following article to know your rights.

Product information – what makes These Tables and Chairs defective

The product is called Walmart Mainstays five-piece card table and chairs set. It was manufactured by Dongguan Shin Din Metal & Plastics Products Co. and Heshan Camis Industrial Co. Ltd. located in Guangdong, China. What makes a product like this defective? Products are considered defective when they fail to perform in the manner for which they were designed or intended. In this particular case, the card table chairs unexpectedly collapse causing injury. Usually this can be because of the type of metal used to manufacture the product, or the locking mechanism used on the product. If the metal is not properly tested to secure your weight it can collapse. A sudden collapse of a chair can result in significant injuries. In certain cases we have seen finger amputations caused as a result of this item being defective. Product are considered defective when whey have a design defect, manufacturing defect or failure to warn defects, otherwise known as failure to warn defects. If the chair suddenly collapses it is likely a design defect. Design defects are those that occur when the product is not properly manufactured. This can occur if the product is not properly tested or fails to have proper safety mechanisms in place to avoid these issues. Manufacturing defects apply when something happens in the fabrication process of the product. Based on the facts this does not appear to be at issue in this case. Common injuries: Based on recent reports and our investigation it appears that there have been 10 reported injuries. Each of these injuries seem serious and must be properly evaluated. Common injuries include the following: Finger amputation Fingertip amputation Nerve damage Growth plate issue Tendon laceration Emotional distress Reduced earning capacity If you have been injured consider your rights and get medical attention for your injuries. Never self diagnose.
Chair collapse Injury Lawyer
Broken Chair Personal Injury Lawyer
What is my case worth: Case value is impossible to determine without knowing all the facts. Here are some factors to consider. Your age at the time of the accident, occupation, annual earnings, degree of injury and medical expenses. Once this is information is provided you can have a better understanding of the potential case value. How long do I have to file a case: Generally for most personal injury cases you have two years from the date of the injury to file suit for your injuries. However, it is important to remember you do not want to wait long before considering filing suit. Each state is different with regards to the length of time you have to file suit. What to do if you were injured: If you were injured you must take the following steps to protect yourself. First, seek medical attention for your injuries and document any injuries you may have had. If you have serious or life threatening injuries please make sure you seek appropriate medical attention. Second, take photos of everything including the injury. Third, keep the evidence. DO NOT tamper with or spoil the evidence in any way. DO NOT return the product back to the store from which it was purchased. More Information: Furniture Defect Lawsuits Walmart Recalls Card Table and Chairs Due to Finger Amputation Risk


my son was one of the people who lost a tip of finger and broke another

Thank you for contacting my office regarding this case. We are currently handling a few of these matters and would be happy to discuss your case with you and your son. Let me know what a good time to talk would be so that I can reach out.


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