Chair collapse injuries

A collapsed chair can lead to serious injuries. You should not have to worry about such incidents every time you sit down – in fact, we seldom think about the dangers that come with sitting, yet they are still present. You should, however, be prepared to take legal action in the event of an accident and ensuing injuries, and a collapsed chair is no different. We encourage you to contact our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, if you wish to take further legal action and sue for appropriate damages. Chair collapse injuries

How can chairs collapse?

Chairs can collapse for a number of reasons. Some are poorly designed and simply cannot hold the weight of the person sitting in it. The legs may be dainty or too flimsy or weak, which would cause one or more to snap under the pressure. Further, the parts of the chair that hold the legs to the body may sever, separate, or break. These fastenings should be expertly attached and not have any weak points. A collapsed chair is more likely to happen if the chair is older, as well. The amount of times that the chair has had weight on it and has been stretched or pushed past its durable point will contribute to a future accident. Some chairs were previously broken as well and were poorly fixed or repaired. It is possible that a property owner did not adequately repair a chair that has already been broken. You should always beware of where chairs are placed. A chair that is outside, for example, in a backyard can have one of its legs in a pothole, which would cause instability and increase the chance of a collapse. Other chairs may be on uneven surfaces or not have the protective rubber pieces on the bottoms of the legs. These small differences can be enough to cause collapses.

What are some injuries that can happen from collapsed chairs?

The types of injuries that you can suffer from collapsed chairs can highly damage you. Some chairs may be on concrete, which can increase impact, while others may be present near stairs, edges with low banisters or railings, and more. Some of the injuries that can happen from broken chairs include:
  • Puncture wounds
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Closed head injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring
  • Muscle damage
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries
  • Herniated discs
  • Hip damages
  • ACL, MCL, LCL, and other knee injuries
  • Sprains
  • Dislocations
  • Broken bones of numerous varieties
  • CRPS
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Coma
  • Death
  • It is possible that these injuries will last an extended period of time or will linger for a while. You should look into the best medical treatment and legal help to counter these damages and ensure that you are fully treated and covered. Our collapsed chair accident lawyers in Los Angeles can assist you. – Broken Chair Personal Injury Lawyer

    How can I sue for injuries from a collapsed chair?

    Average Case Settlement Value of Broken Chair Injury Lawsuit To sue for injuries from a collapsed chair, you must be able to determine who was liable for the incident. If you bought a chair by yourself, for example, and you assembled it or it came pre-assembled, it may have broken. This would place the liability on the company that sold it, or the manufacturer, and you would be able to file a product liability claim. Product liability lawsuits are filed based on design flaws, manufacturing errors, or failures to warn about any hazards and dangers. In such cases, it is important that you do not throw away the item or seek a refund. It will be very important to your case. However, you may be in a location on private property, such as a home or a restaurant. The chair you are sitting on may collapse due to wear and tear or an inability to maintain it, or because the property owner was negligent and never fixed it. This would allow you to file a premises liability claim, which requires that you show that the property owner either caused the hazard, knew about the hazard but did nothing to remedy it or warn anyone, or was unaware of it but reasonably should have known about it.

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    A premises liability lawsuit is relatively common and is usually a cause for most slip and fall cases. If a piece of furniture breaks, you can still sue the owner. If you wish to file a lawsuit for injuries suffered from a broken chair, you should make sure to do the following:
    • Go to the hospital to receive medical treatment
    • Do not wait to get treatment, as the delay can worsen your injuries and cause the insurance agent to doubt your claim and believe you were hurt elsewhere
    • Keep your medical receipts and doctor’s notes
    • Get eyewitness statements of the incident and write down their testimonies
    • Take photos of your injuries
    • Keep the broken chair, if possible, or else take as many photos of it as you can
    • If you were at a business, request security footage of the event
    • File an incident report with the company
    • Do not collect any refunds or compensation ahead of time
    Once you have acquired your evidence, you should seek out the assistance of a skilled lawyer with experience in collapsed chair lawsuits. If you try to file a claim by yourself, you may be outright denied by the insurance agent and not given any information on why. Our lawyers will ensure that your claim is dealt with properly and that you are appropriately paid for your losses.

    What is the worth of my collapsed chair lawsuit?

    The value of a personal injury claim for damages suffered due to a collapsed chair will differ depending on the insurance agent who is handling the case. He will look at various factors to determine the extent of your damages, how much they impacted your life and career, the level of responsibility you exhibited in the event, and more. If you did not have any cause in the incident and were hurt because of reasons beyond your control, you may be able to receive a fair amount of damages. The goal of our firm is to win you the maximum settlement available for your case. We won’t hesitate to provide you with the best representation to secure you the following:
    • Medical bills for hospitalization, surgery, medication, physical therapy and rehabilitation, future treatments, and more
    • Missed wages if you could not return to work because of your injuries, and future lost income if you were unable to work because of the damage or recovery time
    • Property damage to replace the costs of the broken chair and any surrounding belongings that were damaged or broken in the incident
    • Pain and suffering damages to cover emotional stress, anxiety stress, PTSD, mental trauma, and more
    • Wrongful death damages in the event a loved one died due to the collapsed chair, as is most common with elderly individuals; these damages can include funeral and burial expenses, loss of consortium and relations, loss of expected savings and income, coverage for pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, and more
    We will pursue the fairest settlement we can for you. You shouldn’t be made to pay off these expenses and debts if you were not responsible for the incident in the workplace.

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    How long is the statute of limitations for collapsed chair claims?

    The statute of limitations to file a lawsuit for a collapsed chair is 2 years from the date of the injury. Failure to file a claim means that you won’t be able to collect any compensation from your injuries and the responsible party won’t be made to pay off any expenses. The statute of limitations allows both parties ample time to gather proof to use and submit.

    Average Case Settlement Value of Broken Chair Injury Lawsuit

    Some types of exceptions can be utilized to extend the deadline. This can happen if the victim is a minor, as only adults can sue; the statute would be suspended until the minor turns legal age. An incident can also cause the victim to be severely compromised or unresponsive, which would extend the deadline and would make it resume only when he returns to functioning health. Also, the defendant must be present if a lawsuit is to be filed against him. If he has vacated the state or country, the claim can sit in waiting until he returns. Too often, lawsuits are not filed by the necessary party in time. It is important that you take action quickly so that your evidence is preserved and your memories and witness statements are intact. We won’t miss a deadline if you come to our firm for representation.

    How We Help

    The Downtown LA Law Group has a team of attorneys who have handled broken chair lawsuits. We have been able to secure millions of dollars in compensation to victims who were hurt after chairs broke or collapsed. We know the best methods to win your claim, and we will not stop pursuing your rightful damages until we are satisfied with the result. Get in touch with our firm today to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your case. All consultations are totally private, and we will give you the legal advice you need to come to an educated and worthwhile decision regarding your next steps. If you want us to represent you, we will give you our zero fee guarantee. This says that you won’t have to pay a dime out of pocket for the case. We will cover all the costs ourselves, and if we lose, we take no money. Our payment will only come if we win, and the fees will come out of the settlement we bring you. For the most experienced attorneys who can handle your collapsed chair lawsuit, look no further than the Downtown LA Law Group in Los Angeles.

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