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Head Injuries Resulting from Falling Merchandise off Store Shelves

Head Injuries Resulting from Falling Merchandise off Store Shelves Head injuries can occur in a number of different ways. We have seen a number of different cases involving head injuries after being hit by falling merchandise. In many cases you will not be able to identify the immediate cause of the pain, but head injuries can occur resulting in significant bodily damage. We are currently handling a number of similar cases involving such injuries after unsecured merchandise fell from atop store shelves. If you have been injured we would like to hear from you and evaluate your potential case.

Unsecured Merchandise Causing Head Injuries

Head Injuries Resulting from Falling Merchandise off Store ShelvesWhen employees negligently install shelving equipment or when they mishandle the stocking of shelves, such injuries can occur. In fact stores that fail to properly secure the products correctly or if the employee mishandles the product when stocking the shelves, the establishment can be held liable. However, each case is based on the facts and the surrounding set of circumstances leading up to the injury. If you were hurt immediately seek medical attention for your injuries and make sure to get a copy of the incident report. Injured parties are often given the runaround by the insurance company. Many are told that “they do not have a case” or that “the case is currently being investigated“. However, very few cases that are unrepresented receive any type of results. Insurance companies will generally take advantage of unrepresented claimants and either offer them a low-ball offer or completely deny the claim.

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Most of the time what will happen in such cases is the insurance company will delay the case. They will do this by making repetitive request. Or they will work diligently to get you to make statements that will adversely impact your case. This will include live recorded statements, in person interviews or other similar tactics. This will allow them to pin down liability on YOU and deny liability. As a side note you are generally not required to make such statements. In fact it is advisable that you refuse to give a statement until you have had a chance to speak with an attorney.

Case Value and Common Injuries

What is my case value? There is no way to accurately establish case value until we have reviewed all medical bills from  your case and until we know the extent of your injuries. If you have suffered a head injury, it is likely that you will have a high value claim, but this will depend entirely on the extent of the injury. Common injuries can include a combination of both head and brain injuries as well as fractures. This can include facial lacerations, bodily injuries, broken foot, fractured nose and ocular injuries. Make sure that you get to a doctor immediately if you were hurt. If you were unfortunately injured in this type of accident we would like to hear from you. Our office handles a number of cases dealing with falling merchandise injuries. Should you consider seeking legal representation for your injuries, our office is here to help. Further Information: Falling Merchandise Injuries – Can I File a Lawsuit Accidents in Shopping Malls – Lawsuit Information TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury Legal Guide

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