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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuits what you Need to Know: TBI Legal Guide

Being Diagnosed With a Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI _ Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit InformationIf you have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury take some time to learn what your injury is. Unlike simple or less complex injuries traumatic brain injuries are complicated and potentially life altering. Why? Because your brain is the single most advanced organism in your body and the slightest disruption with its operation can cause serious complications.

Learning About Your TBI

As an attorney I spend countless hours researching the subject of TBI’s and have come across some very informative scholarly articles and links regarding the topic. Below are list of some links I feel can help with your overall recovery and to help you gain a better understanding of your injuries. The first part of knowing your injuries understands the language used to describe it. Take a moment to read through it and familiarize your self with the keywords; (2) This is a great user-friendly forum for traumatic brain injuries. It is real people suffering from traumatic brain injuries or those living with persons suffering with TBI’s. It is a great source for reading about the struggles of others and to help you better understands your own road to recovery. It is filled with motivating stories and advice. (3) Another great resource filled with information that can help you find a rehabilitation center and connect with those suffering from a TBI.

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Be careful Who You Trust

Unfortunately the area of TBI’s are lucrative and attorneys and law firms will go to many lengths to get your case. Some of the most interesting examples include law-firms creating entirely different web pages to deceive victims. These web pages are designed to look like forums and resource links, but merely serve as a referral center for law firms. I find this practice deceitful and un-ethical. Law firms should clearly state identify themselves to their potential clients. It is always troubling to see attorneys or law firms who act in this manner and we always inform our clients that firms that act in such a manner to obtain your case may not be fair and honest through the course of representation. Selecting the right form of representation is generally a very personal choice. Often time’s clients need to feel that their attorney cares and understands their frustration. Ultimately the decision is yours and you must choose the person or firm you are most comfortable with.

Will I Eventually Get Better?

This is often a hard and difficult question to answer. Many times it really comes down to the person. If you fight for your health and live an active life, you will likely recover. A TBI does not need to be a social death sentence. There are plenty of groups and opportunities out there; it is just a matter of connecting with the right people. You need to believe that you will get better and actively make progress everyday to do so. Whether you will have a 100% recovery is un-certain. Your doctor or neurologist can probably give you a good indication of what your chances are. However, the key component to your recovery is yourself.

Mood Swings

Yes, mood swings are known side effect of a TBI. After a serious head injury your mood and behavior can change. This can be anything from a subtle shift in behavior to a more drastic one. Each person has a different reaction. It is important to understand that these behavioral shifts are normal and you must work to get better. Recovery is a long process and requires patience and belief that you will ultimately recover. A positive attitude is a powerful tool and you must try your best to keep a healthy outlook. There are other side effects as well including sexual changes, blurry vision, headaches and other related issues. Your doctor and medical reports will detail all issues and a strategy and recovery plan will be worked out to aid your recovery.

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What Else Should I know?

This article is a brief introduction; if you require more information feel free to contact me direct. I would be happy to talk over your condition and discuss your options. I suggest you arm yourself with knowledge and take control of the situation. You are in a position where recovery is possible and you have the tools necessary to make it a reality. My services are available to all TBI victims. Whether it is have me evaluate your case or provide additional resources feel free to give us a call.

About The Author

Farid Yaghoubtil is an attorney for Downtown LA Law. He works with TBI victims to help better understand their condition and works to maximize their recovery when dealing with TBI cases.

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