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Types of Brain Injuries

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There many types of injuries which can be sustained by an individual involved car accident or motorcycle accident.  Below are some of the most prevalent head and brain injuries which take place. Los Angeles Brain Injury AttorneyHead injury is regarded as a trauma to the head.  In some instances the injury to the head will lead to injury to the brain.  In many instances brain injuries result in prolonged lifelong pain and suffering and permanent brain damage. Some of the most prevalent typed of head specific injury are below.
  • Fracture of the Skull
  • Brain Hemorrhage
  • Laceration of the Scalp
  • Scalp Hemorrhage
  • Bruising of the brain
  • Concussion
  • Dementia or other mental illnesses
  • Comatose
  • Shaken baby Syndrome
If you have sustained a brain injury our traumatic brain injury lawyers are here to fight for you. Out team of tenacious Accident Lawyers and Brain injury attorneys will keep on the offensive until they make sure you have been fully compensated for your injuries and vindicated for your loss Skull Fracture Explained Skull fractures come in four types, linear fractures, depressed fractures, diastatic fractures, and basilar fractures.  Linear fracture is the most relevant form of fractures in the United States. Skull Fractures in Children are of particular concern.  Such injuries to children take place are a child falls from an elevated location on his head.  The vast majority of these accidents takes place while the child is at play, but also may result from the negligence of a caretaker and physical abuse. Compound skull fracture on that takes place along with a head and or scalp laceration.  The grouping of these injuries is the result of car accident collisions, or other serious accidents.  If you have sustained laceratons to the head you should seek a trained medical professional as soon as possible. Brain Hemorrhage/ Cerebral Hemorrhage Explained A Cerebral hemorrhage takes place within the brain tissue of the injured victim.  In most cases a brain hemorrhage is the result of brain trauma.   The symptoms of a hemorrhage range depending on the type of person and the severity of the initial head injury. Symptoms may include severe headaches, bleeding from the brain, vomiting, and comatose. Also if any of these symptoms take place immediately contact a health care professional and seek medical help. Concussion Explained Meaning to shake violently is the most prevalent form of TBI. Concussions can lead to temporary los of brain functions including motor skills, and cognitive abilities.  Repeated concussions can have sever repercussions on an individuals mental health and brain functions. Symptoms of such an injury include headaches, vomiting and nausea, slurred speech, inability to maintain balance, double vision or blurred vision, and sensitivity to light.  If any of these symptoms persist one should seek trained medical professionals at once. Who do I contact to receive just compensation for my brain injury? If you have sustained a head injury, you must first tend to your wounds and heal your injuries.  Seeking vindication of your rights is our job.  At Downtown LA Law Group our Los Angles Brain Injury Attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable in general personal injury laws and Brain damage at birth claims. Our aggressive and tenacious Brain Damage Lawyers and general personal injury attorneys will keep on the offensive until they make sure you have been fully compensated for your injuries and vindicated for your loss.  We will go to trial and take on drivers that were negligent and their insurance carriers’ so that your rights are protected. We will take care of every legal detail and make sure you achieve the highest compensation possible for your loss; in the meantime, concentrate on the most important part of this process – your recovery. Remember that it is crucial to act quickly after you’ve been injured to contact a lawyer that fill fight got you.  If you believe need a brain lawyer or a head trauma attorney then call us today (855) DT-LA-LAW
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