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Traumatic Brain Impact


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Types of Injures

Traumatic brain injuries are a category of head trauma that results in serious long and short term injuries. Traumatic brain injury treatment can be expensive and without proper legal representation your medical bills can be staggering. If you or someone you know has been harmed by a traumatic brain injury in Orange County or San Diego County, contact our offices today at 855-385-2529 for a free case evaluation.

What are traumatic brain injuries?

Contact our team of Brain Injury Lawyers Today To define a traumatic brain injury requires volumes of information, however this sums up a majority of the causes and symptoms. Medically traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or head injuries are considered a serious condition which occurs through blunt force trauma to the brain causing diminished cognitive abilities or issues. TBI’s occur when any force is exerted with high force or pressure to the head.

Workplace Blunt Trauma to the Skull:

Work related injuries are very common and can often times be serious when dealing with heavy equipment or when there is sudden impact or contact to the head by an object with a high velocity. If you work in a field which deals with heavy equipment and have suffered any contact from such devices or equipment contact our offices today for a free consultation to secure your rights. Many traumatic brain injury patients are not aware of the severity of the injury until later.  Common workplace environment where brain injuries take place are as follows
  • Construction Sites
  • Residential Home Building Sites
  • Waste management Sites
  • Water and Power Companies
  • Light Manufacturing Plants
  • Use of heavy machinery in Automobile, and Aerospace factories
  • Sports related impacts
  • Slip and Falls in Restaurants, Fast food eateries, grocery stores
  • Highway Construction sites
  • Demolition Sites
High Speed Acceleration or Deceleration trauma: High speed acceleration or deceleration otherwise known as coup and contrecoup cause contusions to the brain and the connecting axons and dendrites. Such trauma can cause axonal shearing of the dendrites leading the emission of toxic neuron transmitters which ultimately cause increased neurological damage to the brain.

How do traumatic brain injuries occur?

Traumatic brain injuries can occur through blunt force trauma to the brain or impact to the brain from any type of object which or when there is a high velocity impact of the head to another object. Traumatic brain injuries can occur in a number of different scenarios which include:
  • Airbag deployment;
  • High or low speed vehicular accidents;
  • Blunt force trauma to the head by an object;
  • Physical altercations; or
  • Sudden acceleration or deceleration;
  • Assault and Battery leading to head trauma
  • Slip and Falls
  • Dog Attack
  • Falling Objects from buildings
The early signs of a traumatic brain injury may not be detectable without diffusion tensor imaging which detects such focal or diffusion brain injuries. What are the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries?
  • Decreased initiation of voluntary movement;
  • Sexuality change;
  • Reduced or increased sexual desires;
  • Problem solving issues;
  • Facial recognition;
  • Increased aggressive behavior;
  • Mood swings;
  • Difficulty naming objects;
  • Difficulty concentrating;
  • Reduction in cognitive abilities in both academic or employment skill sets;
  • Loss of hand eye coordination;
  • Lethargic;
  • Change in sleep habit;
  • Vision defect, loss of visual field or loss of locating objects;
  • Word blindness;
  • Inability to perceive how objects move;
  • Basic comprehension skills and reduction of how brain processes information.

Auto Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Auto injuries are a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries and many passengers or parties involved in auto accidents are unaware that they have suffered a mild or traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury is a serious issue which requires professional diagnosis and representation. What to do if you suspect a brain injury has taken place during auto accidents: Those who suffer from traumatic brain injury rehabilitation centers need to first determine whether they in fact do have such injuries. A proper diagnosis is critical to your recovery and requires the use of CT, MRI or DTI to detect the changes. When a victim is involved in a auto accident they are often times unaware of the long term harm caused by the impact. Sudden impact to the brain can cause shearing of the axonal tissue which can lead to long or short term memory loss and vision impairment. How Automobile Brain Injuries Take Place: Automobile collision which causes impact to the airbag, dashboard, steering wheel or sudden restraint by the seatbelt can result in coup on contre-coup. This is the sudden acceleration of the brain followed by immediate deceleration which causes the brain to collide with the inner skull area often times causing permanent brain damage or head injuries resulting in a traumatic brain injuries.

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