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Supermarket Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

Attorney for Slip and Fall Accidents in SupermarketsSlip and fall injuries in supermarkets are arguably the single most common type of premises liability lawsuits.  Supermarkets can be a haven for accidents, as people commonly trip on wet or bumpy floors, fallen objects or protruding displays.  Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents in supermarkets can cause serious and catastrophic damages, sometimes leading to lifelong pain, rehabilitation and medical bills.  Furthermore, supermarket slip and fall accidents can force a victim to take time off of work or stop working at all, rendering them unable to financially support themselves or their loved ones. If you or a loved one has suffered a slip and fall injury in a supermarket, please one of our personal injury attorneys.  You will be immediately connected to an attorney, and you will never be charged to speak to an attorney.

Slip and Fall Law: Do I Have a Case If I Fell in a Supermarket

Simply falling or getting injured in a supermarket does not automatically give rise to liability or fault.  Instead, in order for the supermarket to be responsible for your injuries, two things must be true: 1. You were hurt when you fell in the supermarket: Simply falling does not mean you have a viable slip and fall claim.  Fortunately, people fall all the time and are able to regroup without any lingering pain or injury.  However, because of the slippery surface and the fact that supermarkets generally have hard or concrete flooring and is surrounded by large and heavy objects, supermarket slip and falls commonly lead to serious injuries.  The most common slip and fall injuries in supermarkets are:
  • Brain injuries and concussions – sometimes, brain injuries are not immediately noticeable, but may manifest themselves days or even weeks later.  Signs of brain injuries are constant headaches, memory loss, seizures or confusion
  • Broken bones and spinal cord injuries
  • Broken teeth
  • Twisted ankle
  • Back and neck injuries
2. The supermarket was in some way negligent, and their negligence caused an injury – Generally, one of three things must have happened:
  1. The supermarket through one of its employees caused the spill or created the dangerous environment which led to the slip and fall
  2. The supermarket knew about the dangerous conditions but failed to take any steps to fix it.
  3. The supermarket should have known about the dangerous condition.  The test for this is whether it was  reasonable for the supermarket to know about a potentially dangerous atmosphere.  Because it usually impossible to determine who caused the dangerous condition or whether the supermarket knew about it, slip and fall accidents commonly hinge on this requirement.  Proving whether the supermarket should have known requires skill and can be quite difficult.  Common questions to ask are:
  • How long was the liquid or other substance on the floor?
  • Was a regular inspection of the premises conducted?
  • How reasonable was it for the supermarket to know or not know about the dangerous condition

Supermarket Slip and Fall Settlement Amounts

Clients commonly ask us how much a supermarket slip and fall case is worth.  The value of a slip and fall lawsuit is based on several factors such as:
  • The severity and type of injury
  • The amount of pain and suffering
  • How long will you be unable to perform your regular duties?
  • Amount of income lost, both past and present.
  • How much less will you make in the future as a result of your injuries?
  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical care
With so many variables, it’s easy to see why no two supermarket slip and fall cases are the same.  It is the job of a personal injury attorney to maximize the amount of compensation by proving these damages.

What Should I Do After a Supermarket Slip and Fall Accident

Obviously, the most important thing to do after a slip and fall is to seek immediate medical attention.  No amount of money in the world can ever replace a person’s health.  However, once the dust has settled, it is important to take several key measure in order to prove your case.  These measures include: 1. Report the accident  – Make sure to also get a copy of the report, if possible. 2. Take pictures or other evidence that could prove fault – you or a friend should document how the fall occurred and take as many pictures as necessary.  Also, see if there were any witnesses to the accident and get their information as well. 3. Never make any comments – other than making a report, do not make any comments to anyone following the accident 4. Ask for the store video or make sure the video is preserved – Ideally this should be done by your attorney immediately, as these videos can be the best evidence that the supermarket was negligent.  Supermarkets unsurprisingly often destroy this evidence in the face of litigation.

Contact a Supermarket Slip and Fall Accident  Attorney

If you or a loved one was hurt in a supermarket due to the store’s or one of its employees’ negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation.  Our lawyers are available to answer your questions, and we will even come to you following an accident.

Further Information

Value of a Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit

List of Major Supermarkets in California:

  • Albertsons
  • Big Saver Foods
  • Cardenas Foods
  • Costco
  • Food 4 Less
  • Foodsco
  • Holiday Quality Foods
  • Mission Foods
  • Raley’s Supermarkets & Drug Centers
  • Ralphs Grocery Co.
  • Safeway
  • Sam’s Club
  • Save Mart Supermarket
  • Smart & Final
  • Stater Bros
  • Stop & Sho
  • Super A Foods
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Vallarta Supermarket
  • Vons
  • Wal-Mart Supercenter
  • Whole Foods Market
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