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Government Liability for Personal Injury and Car Accidents

Personal Injury and car accident claims involving negligent of intentional acts of government employees and government property are complicated requiring expert and knowledgeable legal representation.   Types of cases involving litigation against government entities includes:

Government Building Liability: Accidents involving Government entities and Sovereign Immunity

Federal Goverment - Lawsuit - Personal Injury and Car AccidentsThe United States Constitution provides for government immunity from liability; such immunity applies to state and federal government entities.  In recent decades government across the Unites States have passed laws that waive certain immunities and allow for claims to be brought up for personal injuries, including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and employment discrimination.  California Government Code Section 810 et seq. rules regarding governmental entities and their employees for tort liability and compensation for damages under state law. The California’s Torts Claims Act provides for a limited waiver of sovereign immunity to bring personal injury claims against the State of California including all public entities.

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The Federal Government Federal Tort Claims Act: In 1946 the federal government enacted FTCA.  Before that time an individual was not able to bring a lawsuit against the federal government for personal injury, property damage, or any other Tort claim litigation.  As a result of the FTCA individual are able to bring litigation against the federal government for actions of government employees acting within the scope of their employment. Filing Requirements for Lawsuits against government entities; California Torts Claims Act requires timely presentation of a written claim for monetary damages given directly to a public entity. A lawsuit, filing of a claim, can proceed only when the notice of a clam has been rejected by the government entity.

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The Downtown LA Law group has the experience and expertise to handle complicated cases against government entities including the State of California, and Federal Government of the United States, and city/county municipalities.  Our team of investigators will act quickly to attain and preserve important evidence regarding you injuries so that your rights are protected.  Our priority is to provide you with expert legal representation so that you can receive the maximum compensation for you injuries.

Types of Compensation available for your personal injury case against a government entity may include:

  • Medical Bills
  • Futures Medical Bills and physical therapy costs
  • Los Wages
  • Loss of Future earning
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
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