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Police Car Accident Lawyer | Sherriff CHP Pursuit Vehicle Accident

Dangerous Defective Road Accident Lawyer | Los Angeles Highway Construction Injury Claim Each year, hundreds of innocent individuals suffer severe injuries caused by accidents involving law enforcement vehicles. Individuals that are commonly injured in such accidents include other motorists and their passengers, pedestrians, motorcycle riders, bicyclists, and innocent onlookers. Victims of auto collisions involving LAPD and other local police, sheriff, and CHP squad cars are entitled to compensation for all damages incurred. Common injuries in auto accidents involving high-speed police and law enforcement cruise chases are often severe and life-threatening. Victims may suffer from spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, nerve damage, and organ failure. If you or a loved one has suffered harm in such accidents, contact our law offices for a fully confidential and no-cost review of your case.

LAPD Police Cars and high speed pursuits cause major roadway accidents in Los Angeles 

Recently, the Los Angeles Times newspaper found that LAPD police were involved in “1,250 crashes over the last three years — an average of about one a day.”   According to the Times, “Some [crashes] resulted in life-threatening injuries or were the result of the officer violating traffic laws, according to LAPD records.” Joel Rubin, a writer for the LA Times, further contends, “The city has paid nearly $24 million in settlements or verdicts in about 400 LAPD traffic-related lawsuits over the last nine years and must contend with dozens more cases that remain unresolved.”

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If you have been involved in a police vehicle accident as a pedestrian, driver, cyclist, or motorcyclist, you should know that you have rights that will be protected by an aggressive and caring accident attorney. At Downtown LA Law Group, our Police Car Accident Lawyers will defend your rights in the court of law so that you can receive fair compensation for your injuries.

In the case that you have been injured while you were being transported or sitting in a police car, you can bring an action for the personal injuries suffered in this accident. Your settlement package will depend completely on the nature of your injuries. But you can expect to settle in the range of $75,000 to several millions of dollars for this type of accident.

Your injuries may include permanent injuries, injuries that will keep you from being able to work full time or at your regularly scheduled duties.

If You Have Had an Accident with Cop Car – Patrol Car – Squad Car

Accidents in cop cars, patrol cars and squad cars occur because the police officer driving is distracted or rushing to another scene of a crime. These officers can often lose control of their vehicle, or have an accident when operating the vehicle in a reckless manner. If that does occur, then the person sitting in the car will be susceptible to being injured as a result of the negligent driving.

How Long Do They Take to Payout on These Claims – Average Length of Time to Settle These Cases?

The average length of time to pay out on these types of claims are a few weeks to a few months. Most of these claims with being injured in a police car are paid out within a few month’s timeframe.

I Was Injured in An Accident – While I Was a Passenger in a Police Squad Car – What Are My Rights?

When you are injured in a vehicle driven by a police officer, you still have rights as a citizen to not be injured when being transported by the police. You have the right to a safe transport by a police car, whether you are in the car as being apprehended for a crime or not. You also have the right to not be in a car accident with a police car.

Do I Have a Claim with The Police Department for My Injuries?

If you have been in the situation of being in an accident while in a police car, you need to call us right away. You may have experienced the following situation while you were in a police car:

  • Injured while being rear ended while in a police car
  • Injured while on a ride along
  • Injured while arrested and placed in a squad car
  • Injured in an accident on the way to the police station

I Was Injured in Police Car Accident – Can I Sue?

Yes, you can bring litigation if you were injured while riding with police in a police car. You have the right to be transported safely when you are in a police car. If this has happened to you, just give our law office a call. We will be able to relate to your situation, and review the facts of your claim with you. We can get you the recovery compensation that you need to recover from your personal injuries.

Lawyer – Law Firm with Experience in Police Car Accident Cases?

Any time that you are injured in a police car, you want to give our law office a call. If you have been personally injured as a result of a police officer in a car, you should give our law office a call. You may have experienced:

  • Engaging in a vehicle pursuit
  • Conducting a vehicle pursuit
  • Engaging in an emergency response
  • Backing up quickly
  • Collision avoidance methods
  • Cornering during an emergency response
  • High speed pursuits
  • Following people with conscience-shocking behavior


Some of the most common injuries in police car accidents are as follows:

  • Whiplash and Neck Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries, leading to paraplegia
  • Head Injuries and Traumatic Brain Damages
  • Facial Lacerations
  • Broken Nose and Broken Teeth
  • Broken Legs, Hands, and Wrists

Our Recent Verdicts and Settlements


Auto Accident


Shoulder Injury

$1.5 Million

Auto Accident

$5.5 Million

Motorcycle Accident


Back Injury

$1 Million

Forklift Accident


Truck Accident

$3 Million

Truck Accident

Law enforcement agencies in California Involved in Police Car Accidents – Laws Regarding Lawsuits Against Police Departments

Police departments recently involved in high-speed collisions with other cars, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists are as follows:

  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Pasadena Police Department
  • San Bernardino Police Department
  • Santa Monica Police Department
  • Santa Ana Police Department
  • Newport Beach Police Department
  • Beverly Hills Police Department
  • Long Beach Police Department
  • Glendale Police Department
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • Orange County Sheriff’s  Department
  • San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

California Government Code Section 810 et seq

. This section outlines rules regarding governmental entities for personal injury liability and compensation for damages under state law. The California Torts Claims Act provides for a limited waiver of sovereign immunity to bring personal injury claims against the State of California, including all affiliated law enforcement agencies.

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Statute of Limitations: How long do I have to bring a lawsuit against a Police Department or California Highway Patrol? 

In the State of California, claims against public entities need to be filed within 180 days, or six months, from the date of the incidents. If and when the claim is denied by the agency, the victim will have two years from the original date of the incident to file a claim in civil court. Note: A claim against a state of federal agency must first be filed with the agency before it can be pursued in civil court. In some cases, courts have allowed for an exception to the filing deadlines. Some of the most common exceptions include the plaintiff being under the age of 18, mental incapacitation, or physical incapacitation of the victim.

Financial Recovery Available for Your Accident Injuries

Victims of personal injury, including those involved in police cruise and law enforcement vehicle accidents, are entitled to full and just compensation for all their damages, including recovery for all medical and health related expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, rehabilitation, and nursing home costs.

Police Car Accident Lawyer Sherriff CHP Pursuit Vehicle Accident sue lawsuit case attorney compensation

Contact Our Los Angeles High Speed Chase Accident Attorneys:

LAPD Police Car Accident Attorney Filing a Lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department or any other California Police Department can be a difficult process.  If you have been injured by a Los Angeles Police Department officer in a high-speed chase or any other accident involving a squad car, we will help you fight for the maximum compensation you are entitled to. Contact our attorneys at (855) DTLALAW for a free consultation and review of your case. If your injuries prevent you from visiting our law office, our team will happily visit you at a place of your convenience upon your request.

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