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Pedestrians Hit By Cars In Parking Lot | Backing out of Spot Accidents

Parking lots are perceived as safe, accident-free zones of traffic but the reality is that they are a dangerous environment for pedestrians. According to published data, thousands of individuals are struck by automobiles that are backing out of their parking spots every year.  Parking lot accidents take place in grocery stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, school parking structures, apartment building parking lots, and just about any kind of parking lot. Low-speed impacts with pedestrians in parking lots are thought of effectless, but often result in serious and life-threatening injuries including fractures to the foot, knee and ligament damage, brain injuries, and facial injuries. Victims of parking lot pedestrian accidents are entitled to compensation from all at fault parties. To speak with an attorney regarding the filing of a lawsuit for compensation contact our law offices toll-free (855) 339-8879. All consultations regarding your claim are free of charge. Common Injuries of Parking Lot Accidents: According to publish date nearly 30% of all parking lot pedestrian accident cause severe injuries resulting in temporary or permanent incapacitation of the victims. Nearly 5% of all pedestrian accidents in parking lots result in the death of the victim. Injuries vary based on how fast the vehicle was traveling at the time of the impact and as well as where and how the person got hit. Common injuries associated with pedestrian accidents in parking lots are as follows:
  • Fractures to the limbs of the lower body including femur fractures, broken ankles, and crushed foot — Even when the impact is of low-speed, the force of the impact (because of the incredible heaviness of the car) can often snap bones like twigs.
  • Knee and ligament damage — The knee is an incredibly intricate part of the body with ligaments, cartilage, bone, and bundles of sensitive verbs. When the knee is impacted with intense force, it can seriously damage the area.
  • Hip fractures – femoral head fractures, femoral neck fracture and subtrochanteric fractures — Your hip connects your upper-body to your lower-body and is central to proper movement. When the hip is hit by a vehicle, it can break or fractures and require surgery.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spin Fractures, herniated discs, paralysis and nerve damage — The spine is covered with nerves that control every part of your body and send signals from your body to your brain. When the spine is broken, fractured, sprained, or bruised, the nerves can get damaged. Spinal injuries typically require surgery to fix.
  • Impact to the head from falling to the ground resulting in skull fractures and brain injury — When your brain is injured, you can suffer from a multitude of physiological and/or psychological effects. The brain controls every aspect of your body, like moving your arms, legs, remembering your name, date, etc. Your brain even regulates things you can’t control — like, for example, releasing hormones, breathing, keeping your heart beating, digesting your food, and other cellular processes that you didn’t even know went on inside your body.
  • Broken Wrists and other injuries to the arm and hand — These injuries occur after the impact when you are slammed against the ground. Many people reactively put their hands out to break their fall and end up breaking their hands and wrists instead.
  • Facial injuries including broken nose, trauma sustained to the ear — Face injuries occur when the face is smashed against either car that impacted the victim or against the street or other structure.
Risk of Larger Vehicles in Parking Lots: Because of their decreased rear view visibility Sports Utility Vehicles, Vans, Pickup trucks and buses are particularity susceptible to sticking pedestrians when backing out of parking spots. Typically, these vehicles have sirens that activate when the vehcile is shifted into reverse. Even still, pedestrians may not hear the siren and still get struck by the larger vehicle. These cars are more massive, and thus carry more energy when moving. Even a low-speed impact can be devastating. Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit – Financial Recovery for your Injuries:  Victims of pedestrian accidents are entitled to monetary compensation for all damages associated with the accident including
  • All medical costs — Healthcare in the U.S. is unnecessarily expensive, and often leaves many hard-working, honest Americans citizens and residents without a prayer. When you get struck by a car in a parking lot, you can recover the compensation to properly pay for your medical costs, including emergency room, costs of future medical treatments including rehabilitation care and prescription drug medication;
  • Lost wages and loss of future earning resulting from disabilities — When you require medical treatment for your injury, it may not be possible to work. When you can’t work, you can’t collect your wages. This often means that people are unable to pay their bills or sustain themselves and their families. You can receive compensation for the lost wages at your regular rate of pay. If you’ve been permanently disabled, you can recover compensation for potential lost wages.
  • Pain and Suffering — Car accidents are incredibly traumatic experiences, especially if you received brain damage. If you were struck by a car in a parking lot, it is possible that you may develop psychological conditions that make living difficult.  Anxiety, depression, and other conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder can make life difficult. Compensation for the pain and hardship you have had to sustain including emotional strains
  • Punitive damage – Where possible.
Liable parties in a parking lot accident may include not only the driver of the vehicle which struck you but owners and operators of the parking facility where the accident took place for improper design of the parking garage, and failure to properly maintain parking facilities.

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