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Gruesome Pedestrian Accidents

Gruesome Pedestrian Accidents While a lot of individuals prefer to walk than to drive their cars or ride the subway, pedestrians should practice safety measures and caution during entering heavy traffic. As stated by the National Highway Safety Administrations, an alarming and staggering 4,370 pedestrians were reported dead in 2008 due to traffic accidents while more than 60,000 suffered ham and injury. Accidents may happen as a result of negligence as partially or completely attributed by the driver or pedestrian. Here are some common causes of pedestrian accident. One cause is disobeying crossing signs or guards on the road.  Automated crossing signs signal pedestrians when it is best and safest to leave a sidewalk and cross the street. Pedestrians neglecting these signs, caused by either impatience or negligence, expose their lives to perils. Identically, pedestrians who’ve disobeyed crossing guards improve their risks of an accident. If you are crossing the road and the walk sign switches to don’t walk sign, cautiously accomplish your stride to the next block, instead of pausing in the middle of the street and waiting for the next GO signal. Too much hesitation can definitely cause confusion towards drivers, something that may be ingredients for a pedestrian catastrophe. Another cause of pedestrian accidents that lead to the need for Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is failure to use crosswalks. Crosswalks are paved street strips designed specifically for pedestrian traffic. Crosswalks are typically located within street intersections. Pedestrians crossing roadways at any other site or area are considered jaywalking, which can be a perilous behavior in sites were traffic is heavily concentrated. Pedestrians also commonly look for services of a Los Angeles car crash lawyer due to accidents as resulted by pedestrians crossing the highway. A lot of highways have speed restrictions that surmise 50 miles/hour and strips that are broader than the average street lanes. Pedestrians attempting to cross busy highways are basically putting their lives at critical danger. A lot of drivers do not anticipate encountering pedestrians on these highways and will not be capable of stopping in due course to avoid you thereby resulting in an accident. Warning: The video below is extremely graphic and disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.  
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