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Wet Floor Accident Attorney – Slip and Fall Injury Lawsuit

Property owners can be held at fault for injuries resulting from a failure to properly clean, dry and inspect their premises.  Wet and Slippery floors are a dangerous hazards to visitors and shoppers of commercial establishments including malls, hotels, casinos, convention centers, stadiums, and public building such as schools, libraries, and courthouses.  If you have suffered serious injuries because of the presence of a liquid substance on the floor of another property owner contact our Slip and Fall Premises liability attorneys.

Property Owner Liability for Wet Floor Accidents

When there is a wet or slippery floor a property owner and manager has the obligation (duty) to either resolve the issue by cleaning up the liquid or place proper warning signage signaling the presence of a dangerous condition. California Premises Liability Laws – How Can a Property Owner be held liable for my injuries Victim of a wet floor accident has the burden of presenting the court that the property owner created a dangerous or unreasonable condition on the premises.  In order to be held legally at fault for your injuries due to a fall cause by a wet floor, one of the following must be true:
  • The property owner caused the dangerous condition that led to the slip and fall, or failed to properly maintain the property.
  • The Property owner is aware of the dangerous condition of his or her property, but does nothing to remedy to problem
  • Most commonly, a reasonable property owner should have known of the dangerous condition because a reasonably prudent person would have noticed and fixed it
How to Prevent Slippery Floor Accidents in the Workplace: Workplace slip and fall accidents due to slippery floors are a major cause of occupational accidents in the United States.  Common hazards in the workplace which can result in slip and fall accident include.
  • Broken tiles on the floor
  • Turned up mats and edges of carpeting
  • Loos carpeting
  • Failure to the maintenance crew to place warning sings
  • Failure to the maintenance a crew to clean up and dry off wet floors
  • Personal items left on the floor including handbags, shoes, and clothing
  • Electrical wires on the surface of the floor
Slip and Fall hazards in the workplace can be eliminated by instituting proper workplace safety guidelines and policies which may include, (1) Providing adequate drainage systems to prevent pools of water from remaining in the floor. (2) Prevention of leaks during rainstorms by dutifully fixing roof tiles (3) Providing proper training and supervision for the proper cleanup of spill which take place in the work space. (4) Replacement of flooring with more slip resistant materials or applying slip resistant floor treatment in preexisting material.

Common injuries resulting form falls due to wet floors:

There are many different injuries which may take place from falls on wet surfaces.  Some of the most common serious injuries are as follows:
  • Head Injuries – Including Traumatic Brain Injury, Skull Fractures, and Brain Hemorrhage
  • Internal Bodily Injuries – Including internal bleeding, internal organ failure, and collapses lungs
  • Lower Extremity Injuries – Including knee and ligament damage, broken legs and fractures pelvis
  • Facial Injuries – Including facial fractures, broken noses, traumatic eye and optical injuries broken teeth
  • Broken Wrists, Separated Shoulders
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
If you have suffered any of the above injuries you have a right to be compensated.  Our Personal Injuries Attorneys will help you fight for your rights to a full recovery for your loss. We will go to the lengths of personal injury litigation to get you the settlement you deserve. What is the amount I can recover for my injuries Wet Floor Accident AttorneyCompensation for your injuries will be dependent on several factors including the types of damages sustained.  Under California Premises Liability Personal Injury laws an injured party is entitled to compensation for such damages as
  • Hospitalization costs and Emergency room costs
  • Doctors visits and Prescribing drug and medication costs
  • Future Medical Costs including procedures to remove scarring and disfigurement
  • Lost wages for inability to work
  • Future loss or reduction of wages resulting from a permanent disability
  • Pain and Suffering including emotional distress, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
  • Punitive Damages – where possible
If you have any further questions contact our Wet Floor Accident Law Firm. We are available 7 days per week 24 hours a day.
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