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Common Injuries from Scissor Lift Accidents

Injuries suffered from a scissor lift can be serious. Below are common injuries suffered as a result of a scissor lift accident. If you have been injured your first priority should be your health. Seek medical attention for your injuries.
  • Amputation caused from depressed scissor lift: Often times a scissor lift can malfunction. If your hand is caught underneath the hydraulic mechanism serious injury can result. Generally because of the crushing force amputation can result.
  • Traumatic hand injuries: A traumatic hand injury can be an amputation or other serious disfiguring injury to your hand. In such cases the injured parties hand can be mangled, damaged or crushed causing a traumatic hand injury.
  • Death from falling or loss of blood: Scissor lifts are also likely to cause death if the operator falls from the top of the lift, or the lift tips over causing injury. Injury can also result from loss of blood resulting from amputations.
  • Traumatic head injuries caused from use of scissor lifts: Where the scissor lift automatically moves without the operators consent or topples over from a defective design or rapid deceleration causing operator to fall off. In such cases the operator can suffer a traumatic head injury caused from the fall.
  • Scissor lift accidents

    Serious Injuries in the workplace often result from defective machinery and tools, negligent use, and failure to properly train user.

    Broken bones:  Caused from falling or slipping from a scissor lift. This is another common injury caused from operating a scissor lift.  Fractures bones can occur when a scissor lift topples over throwing the operator to the ground. In such cases the operator can be crushed by the force of the lift and suffer significant injuries.
This is not a complete list of injuries suffered from the operation of a defective scissor lift. If you have been injured it is best to speak with a qualified product liability attorney to help assist your claim. Many times you will not know you have a claim until speaking with an attorney. There are many factors that go into a product defect claim. Knowing whether the product was defective is not something that should be determined without the use of an expert. If you have been injured you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.
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