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Nexium Lawsuit Center | Filing Nexium Claims

If you have taken Nexium and are now suffering from bone fractures in your spine, wrist, femur, or hip read the following article. Nexium was approved by the FDA, but it was later determined that the drug, which provided gastrointestinal relief was dangerous. As a side-effect your body would not be able to absorb calcium, therefore causing brittle bone density. This would cause or lead to bone fracture in certain areas of the body. Many users of Nexium are now suffering from permanent injuries. These injuries cause prolonged pain and suffering, which may require long term care and treatment. At the Nexium lawsuit center we are here to help you answer any questions you may have.

What Every Nexium User Should Know

Nexium-claimNexium has been known to cause serious injuries in users. Its prolonged use can cause a lack of calcium absorption. This will in turn can cause bone fractures. Bone fractures occur internally and depending on your age, dietary factors and recuperating period, the healing process can take some time. As a result injured parties can be out of work and in certain situations lose their job. In other cases these injuries can cause permanent disabilities. These disabilities can be permanent if proper medical treatment is not rendered in a timely fashion. Knowing your rights is important to your case. Speaking with a Nexium lawyer can help you better identify the issues needing attention.

Joining a Class Action for Harm Caused by the Use of Nexium

Are you considering joining a class action for Nexium? Class action lawsuits join as many members as possible against a single defendant i.e. manufacturer of Nexium. Once the class action gets settled each member of the class will get their share of the proceeds. However, each claimant is not given or permitted to a greater sum of money, regardless of their injury. For example a client with minor wrist fractures will be awarded the same amount as the claimant with hip or spine fractures. This equal settlement amount will essentially limit or minimize the ability for parties who are seriously injured to recover their fair share. This can be potentially dangerous when you have significant injuries that can require long term care. Additionally, as a result of joining the class action lawsuit, you will NOT be permitted to bring another claim for additional monies resulting from the same cause of action. As a result you will be legally forced to accept the terms of the settlement whether or not they are financially sound or beneficial. If you are considering joining a class action lawsuit for Nexium contact our offices for a free evaluation of your case. In many situations joining a class action lawsuit will not be to your best interest. If that is the case, you can go forward with an independent cause of action. Attorney for Nexium Lawsuits: Our offices offer help to many parties injured from taking defective drugs such as Nexium. Our Nexium lawyers can accept cases all over the U.S., our offices accept cases dealing with Nexium nationally. With the staff and resources needed to make sure you get the settlement necessary to help with your recovery.

What If I Receive SSI Benefits – Will A Settlement Effect 

If you receive SSI benefits there is a way to structure your settlement so as to avoid any loss of benefits. Generally you will need to have a special needs trust set up in order to avoid disruption of benefits. A full explanation of SSI benefits is explained here. SSI benefits are considered resource based and rely on your current needs or resources. If your resources or needs change then your SSI benefits can also change. For example if you receive a settlement from a lawsuit, your income will ultimately increase. Therefore, it will impact such benefits. In order to circumvent this issue, your attorney will set up a special needs trust. This trust will essentially prevent any disruption to your current settlement. Another option would be to spend the settlement proceeds within a certain period of time. Spending the monies on home improvements or vehicles are a common way to spend down funds. This method will also prevent disruption of SSI benefits. However spending down funds is not always a prudent decision. Many times settlement funds should be used for recuperation or hospital expenses. That is why a special needs trust may likely be the best option. Before any settlement is disbursed, your attorney should offer you the opportunity to select either a special needs trust or advise you of other options. If you have taken Nexium and have suffered injuries, contact Downtown L.A. Law Nexium injury attorneys for a free case evaluation. (855)385-2529

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