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Breaking Bad Habits of Lawyers

Most of the time, individuals will seek out legal representation when they are involved in accidents. They may slip and fall, get hit by a car, or get injured because of a defective item. The personal injury world is vast and difficult to navigate, especially if you do not have any experience in the legal realm. Therefore, it is often wise to hire a lawyer, but the potential drawbacks can make you regretful of the choice. It is best to select a lawyer with whom you can relate and who treats you with empathy and kindness, one who will tell you the truth about your case and what may happen. If your lawyer mistreats you in any way and you believe you are not getting the best representation out of him, you should fight back and evaluate your options. Our expert attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Group can help you figure out what is wrong with your current legal situation and attorney and direct you on the better path.

How common is it for attorneys to mistreat clients?

Breaking Bad Habits of Lawyers Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for attorneys to mistreat their clients, especially if they have numerous clients at a time. For example, many personal injury lawyers will simply sign on as many cases as possible in a short period and devote the minimum amount of effort to each case. They do not get acquainted with their clients and they try to rush settlements from the insurance company. They do this because they want to take a cut of the settlement, and they want to get paid fast. Therefore, instead of fighting for a long time to get a large amount of money, they will simply burn through numerous cases. This does not serve anyone but the lawyers and the insurance companies. For one, the lawyers get paid more than what they should, and the insurance agency saves money. Clients, on the other hand, are given the short end of the stick, and the settlement may not even cover the necessary expenses. It is generally an act of bad faith or ethics to devote any time to a claim and to try and rush a client without giving him what he needs.

Why is my lawyer taking too long to settle my case?

A common question that people ask concerns the length of time to settle a case. They say things like:
  • Why is my attorney taking too much time to settle my injury case?
  • Why is my attorney taking too much time to settle my accident case?
  • Why is my lawyer taking too much time to settle my car accident case?
The timeframe for cases to settle can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. First, the attorney will gather all of the evidence and submit it to the insurance agent. The agent will usually take two to three weeks to go through it. Then, the negotiation process will begin. This is where the bulk of the time is spent. The insurance agent often stalls the process by not making offers, but your lawyer can do the same. He may come to you with an offer that is too low, and you could reject it; if you do, he will not bother negotiating again for a while, if at all, until you bother him about it.

Why is my lawyer ignoring me?

Clients will often call us with questions like:
  • Why is my lawyer ignoring my emails?
  • Why is my lawyer ignoring my phone calls?
  • Why is my lawyer ignoring my messages?
Truthfully, there is no way to know a lawyer’s motives, but it is likely because he knows that he cannot win a case and is trying to keep you on the hook for as long as possible. If you are working with an attorney who charges you ahead of time, he could very likely be milking you for payment. On the other hand, if you are working with an attorney who will be paid on contingency, or when the case has been settled, he could have abandoned your case. This is a violation of the attorney’s ethical obligations to you and can be cited in a complaint to the bar association. Attorneys who ignore their clients should not work in the law field. They have a duty to their clients, and a lack of communication is a tremendous issue that should be punished and resolved.

What should I expect from a demand letter?

With respect to demand letters and the lawsuits themselves, individuals often ask us these types of questions:
  • How long should it take for my attorney to send out a demand letter?
  • What if my lawyer is not asking for enough in a demand letter?
  • Why has my lawyer not filed a lawsuit?
  • Why doesn’t my lawyer want to file a lawsuit on my case?
A demand letter should only be sent once your attorney has all of your evidence gathered and he can make a worthwhile settlement. For example, if you go to your attorney a week after a car accident, you cannot expect him to send out the demand letter to the insurance company the next day. You may need more medical treatment and there may be more expert witnesses that can testify for the evidence. However, your attorney should be sure to send out the demand letter within a few weeks, and certainly before the statute of limitations is exhausted. Your attorney may not have filed a lawsuit because he is lazy or because he does not truly believe that he can do much for your case. He may have sign up bonuses and commissions at the firm, and he could simply let your case lay by the wayside. You should always strive to communicate with your attorney and get him to file your claim in a timely manner.

What if I don’t like the settlement offer?

5 Bad Habits That Inhibit Law Firm Growth If you don’t like the settlement offer, you can simply reject it. The true mark of an attorney comes from how he handles the negotiation process. If the insurance agent makes a small offer that both you and your attorney now will not cut it, yet your lawyer pressures you to accept it, he could simply be out to get paid and not care for your rightful compensation. You have every right to reject a settlement offer and request your lawyer to work toward a fairer deal. If he refuses or claims that this is the highest amount you can get, you should be dubious and perhaps search out the advice of another attorney for a second opinion.

Can I switch my lawyer if I’m not happy with him?

Yes, you can switch attorneys if you’re not happy with your current representation. This may be a hassle, though, if you are in the middle of a lawsuit. You will need to request your file and all related documents, and your attorney may not send them in a timely fashion. This could cause you to be late on deadlines or miss them altogether. Key evidence could also be missing and certain portions of the evidence could be damaged or corrupted in transportation. You should always request copies of all documents as soon as they are signed or submitted so that you do not have to worry about originals getting lost. In dire circumstances, you can request assistance from the state bar association.

How can I avoid working with a bad lawyer?

To avoid working with a bad lawyer, you should do ample research ahead of time. You can search various websites for reviews and case settlements, and you can look up the details of each attorney on the bar association’s website and Avvo. It is also important that you meet with an attorney before signing up with the firm. A face to face meeting can help you determine if you mesh well with the attorney. If he tries to pressure you into signing up or promises you an amount of money you believe is unrealistic, it is likely best for you to walk away.

Can I get my case re-evaluated?

You can get your case re-evaluated or undergo a free second opinion if you wish. It is in your best interest to get multiple pieces of input on the case, actually, to best determine the range of compensation you may be able to earn. If you want to determine if your case is worth a certain amount and if your attorney is misrepresenting you, or if you believe you may a have malpractice case against the lawyer, you could contact our law firm for more assistance. We will tell you the truth about your current situation and firm you’re working with, and whether or not we believe your lawyer is doing all he can to benefit you and your case.

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