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Tyson Chicken Salmonella Outbreak Class Action Lawsuit Information 2014

Tyson Chicken Salmonella Outbreak Class Action Lawsuit Information 2014 The Food and Drug Administration and Tyson Foods Inc. have announces a massive recall of over 33 thousand pounds of mechanically separated chicken believed to be tainted with the harmful salmonella bacteria. According to the Department of Agriculture the chicken product was intended for institutional use only including prisons and has not been distributed and sold to consumers. The chicken has been linked to illnesses across correctional institutions across the county including California, Tennessee, Ohio, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Arkansas. The serial numbers attached to the infected chicken are P-13556 establishment number, and case code 2843SDL1412 -18. Financial Recovery Available for Victims of Tyson Chicken Salmonella Poisoning: Victims of food poisoning are entitled to compensation for all damages incurred. The types of damages recoverable in personal injury lawsuits are as follows…
  • All medical and health related expenses including hospitalization and rehabilitation expenses.
  • Other types of economic damages including destroyed property, lost wages and loss of future income capacity.
  • Non-Economic damage including pain and suffering, emotional trauma and punitive damages.

Joining a Class Action Lawsuit – Cost of Legal Representation

A class action lawsuit take place when there are a large number of victims with a claim against an at fault party. There are several factors courts look at before certifying a class action lawsuit one of the most important of which is the similarity in terms of the magnitude of the harm suffered by the claimants. Mass food poisoning outbreaks are often challenging to certify because the level or magnitude of the harm amongst injured individual can dramatically vary. One person infected with salmonella can have few complications while other may have to be hospitalized and undergo days or weeks of treatment. There are no upfront costs to legal representation in most personal injury and defective product claims. Such cases are taken on by law firms based on a contingency fee basis meaning that our fees are contingent in a successful financial resolution of your claim. So there is no financial burden on the claimant if there is no successful resolution of the case. Attorney Consultations: Our food poisoning and defective product legal team offer all prospective with confidential case evaluations free of charge. If you or a loved one have suffered from the debilitating effects of food poisoning due to the consumption of Tyson chicken tainted with salmonella contact our consumer legal rights hotline (855)385-2529.

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