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Traumatic Eye Injuries

What Are Traumatic Eye Injuries?

Traumatic eye injuries or ocular injuries are an often painful condition caused by a sudden or serious blow to the ocular nerve. Traumatic eye injury attorneyPatients who suffer from traumatic eye injuries experience sudden pain in the orbital region of the eye which restricts movement and can cause serious discomfort. If you have a traumatic eye injury due to vehicular accidents, air bag deployment, assault or battery or through any other means contact the traumatic eye injury lawyers at Downtown L.A. Law for a free case evaluation.

What Causes Traumatic Eye Injuries?

Trauma caused by sudden force or compression to the eye can cause prolonged injuries. Sudden injuries can cause what is known as an indentation around the globe of the eye that happens immediately upon contact. Persons who suffer blunt force trauma to the eye will be unable to produce clear images which can cause cataracts resulting from lack of light to the back of the eye. To prevent increased or permanent injuries immediate surgery will be required at times which can be expensive. If you have do not have an attorney who can obtain medical liens and obtain proper treatment without payment you may be forced to pay such expenses out of pocket. Our attorneys who deal with blunt trauma to the eye causing traumatic eye injuries can help. Traumatic eye injuries can be caused by a number of reasons, the most common of reasons include:
  • Battery/Assault– blunt trauma to the eye caused by physical contact with an object or other agent. Such injuries can fracture the orbital bone or cartilage.
  • Air Bag Deployment– when an air bag deploys upon impact it can cause serious injury to the eye. Air bags generally deploy within 1/25th of a second, faster than the blink of an eye. When the accident happens the passenger or driver can suffer severe injuries and the driver or accident causing party can be liable for the harm.
  • Chemical Exposure– chemical exposure can result in serious harm to the orbital area of the eye often impacting the retina causing a rupture or tear in the tissue. Chemicals which can cause such injuries include ammonia, asbestos, acetone and other toxic chemicals. If you work with such chemicals and are not provided proper eye protection by your employer then you may be entitled to recovery.
  • Penetrating Eye Trauma– penetrating eye trauma can occur as a result of a high velocity object such as a fist, weapon or other object which enters into the eye at a high velocity causing retinal detachment and possible infection. If you have been involved in a fight, or have been assaulted and are now suffering from serious eye injuries contact our offices today for a free consultation. Our staff will be able to get you the highest settlement and possible treatment without any upfront costs.
  • Other Causes of Eye injuries may include, Medical malpractice including cosmetic surgery mishaps, workplace injuries, school and playground accidents, and motorcycle accidents.
How We Can Help? Our aggressive lawyers will help achieve the highest recovery for your traumatic eye injury. The Los Angeles traumatic eye injury lawyers at Downtown L.A. Law can obtain high settlements to help pay costs associated with the harm suffered to your eye. If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic eye injury then contact the Los Angeles traumatic eye injury attorneys today for an absolutely free case evaluation.
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