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Ventlab Product Recall Attorney | Manual Resuscitators

Ventlab Product Recall Attorney | Manual Resuscitators Ventlab Corporation, a medical manufacturer of devices for the purpose of anesthesia, respiratory and critical care, as well as emergency medical devices, initiated a nationwide recall of the company’s defective manual resuscitators. The product recall, which includes 14,602 units in the United States, were for manual resuscitators distributed between the period of March 2012 until July 2012. According to a press release by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ventlab Corporation’s manual resuscitators are possibly dangerous in that there is a risk that they distribute little or no oxygen or air through the patient valve and to the user.  The lack of distribution of air/oxygen might result in life threatening consequence such as hypoxia and hypoventilation. As of this writing, no injuries have been reported and according to company officials, the recall was initiated voluntarily.  They also voluntarily notified the FDA of their action. A full list of the model numbers are below:
F1040MB AF3100MB-M1 SS3200MB-MMC VN5000MX
AF1040MBP AF3140MB-I SS3200MBP-2 BVM700
AF1040MBS AF3140MB-K SS3200MBP-M00 BT2200FK
AF1040MB-S5 AF5140MBPWTD5 SS3200OB BT2216
AF1040MB-T AF5140MB-T SS3200OB-PW BT2216F
AF1100MB AFD5140MB-T VN3100MB BT2216K
AF1140MB SC9001C VN3100MB-2 BT2220
AF1140MB-K SC9001C-C VN3100MBP BT2220F
AF1140MB-P5 SS3200MB VN3100MB-PW2 BT2416
AF1140MBP-T SS3200MB-2 VN3100OB BT2416F
AF1140MB-T SS3200MB-I VN4100OB BT2416K
Pro-1904 Pro-5009P BT2420
Pro-1925 BT2420F

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