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Ontel Isometric Product Recall Lawsuit

Ontel Isometric Product Recall Lawsuit Ontel is the manufacturer of the popular exercise device that is used for a variety of different exercises.  However, the ISO7X has been recalled for certain defects which can cause significant bodily injuries. In certain cases it can cause traumatic eye injuries, lacerations and punctures. In fact there have been reports that these types of injuries have occurred. If you have been injured as a result of using this device, contact our offices for a confidential and free case evaluation.

Isometric Product Recall Details

According to the recent recall issued, the product is a ISO7X, which was sold by Ontel Products Corp., of Fairfield NJ. It was distributed and sold through a number of different retailers since October of 2009 and there are about 170,000 units in circulation at this time. While it is not certain how many products have been impacted as a result of the defect, it is a product wide recall.

What if I was injured – What Should I Do

If you were injured follow these steps. First, seek immediate medical attention. Second, DO NOT tamper with the product in any way. Make sure you keep the product in the same condition you purchased it. Even if the product was falling apart, make sure you keep it in-tact without tampering it any way. If you were injured as a result of using this product, you can potentially pursue a claim for damage you sustained.

They Want Me to Return the Product – Should I Do So

In most recalls you will have the manufacturer attempting to retrieve the product. Why? Because once they have the product in their possession you are not able to properly pursue a claim. In fact most of these companies will attempt to retrieve the defective product, therefore damaging the viability of your claim. In cases where there is no evidence of the defective product, it become very difficult to pursue a claim for damages. When the defective product is not available for individual or independent inspection you are faced with a very difficult situation. You are unable to properly pursue the claim since they physical evidence is not available.

Who is responsible for my injuries – Product Liability Information

A commonly asked question is, who is liable for my injuries? In product liability cases you are dealing with a number of different variable, which can impact the degree of liability. Such cases are not your standard personal injury claim. They are more complicated in the sense that you need to actually show a defect existed. In the case of this product, this element of the claim has already been established through the recall. However, there are still other components of the claim which require proper attention. Liability can be imposed on all parties in the chain of sale or distribution. This includes manufacturers, retailers, distributors and resellers of the product. Attorney Consultation Available: We are currently accepting cases against the manufacturer of this device for injuries sustained by our clients. Should you decide to seek legal counsel for your injuries, please contact our office for a freelegal consultation. Further Information: Statute of Limitations for Filing a Product Liability Claim Defective Product Lawsuits


Hello I used there product wonder arms. The product broke and the hard plastic grips for your hands snapped on my two fingers causing them to bruise and be numb

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