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Did GM Fail to Make a Timely Recall in The Chevy Cobalt defects

Did GM Fail to Make a Timely Recall in The Chevy Cobalt defects GM has a history with producing vehicles with potential defects. In fact they were sued many years ago for a dangerous condition in a vehicle model that caused devastating injuries to a young girl. In these particular cases we are seeing some serious issues with the product and GM’s potential knowledge of the issue.

Ignition Malfunction on Chevy Cobalt

In most of the cases that we are currently evaluating we are noticing a consistent issue with the ignition device. Apparently the ignition device would improperly switch when the vehicle was in motion. To get an understanding of what this means consider this. You are driving at a high rate of speed and your ignition unexpectedly switches to the off position, and you lose complete control of your entire vehicle. As a result you are left in a state of panic trying to restart the vehicle. In most cases our clients have been involved in a single person auto accident or have caused damage to other vehicles. If this is the case there is a lot that needs to be done in-order to prove your case. Make sure you follow some of the important guidelines listed below to help better understand your Chevy Cobalt defect claim.

Preservation of Evidence

If you were involved in an accident in a Chevy Cobalt, you will need the following information to potentially pursue a claim. First, some type of police report referencing that you were in-fact involved in an accident with the recalled vehicle. Police reports can be obtained through the county that took the report or our office can make the request for you. Second, we will need to have the vehicle inspected. If the accident happened a number of years ago there is a potential that the vehicle is no longer in your possession. This is particularly true if the vehicle was considered a total loss. However, there are methods of tracking down the car and finding its origin. It is important to have the vehicle in order to have it inspected for the known defect. Third, medical records if available. This includes any type of medical reports which can reference your injuries and what they were. Any treating facility will have these records which can be obtained by your attorney’s office. Additionally we will need any other evidence of ownership including title, DMV reports and so forth. The more information we have the better we can substantiate your claim for damages.

Settling the Claim

I am often asked regarding both the case value and time it will take to settle such cases. While we cannot give an accurate answer, it is likely that these cases will settle in a fairly short period of time. However it is important to remember that the time it takes to settle the case will depend entirely on how much evidence we have. A majority of our time in the beginning of any case will be spent collecting the evidence. This evidence will give us a blueprint of the case and how it happened so that we can piece together the facts and liability. Value of the case will also depend on your injuries. However, that is something that will need to be considered with a doctor who will assess the  extent of your injuries. Further Information: GM Liability for Failure to Recall

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