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Asphyxiation Hazard Bunk Bed Recall

Asphyxiation Hazard Bunk Bed Recall World imports recently issued a recall of its popular Twin-over-Twin model 341-33 and Twin-over-Futon model 344-54. Both models were recalled due to serious safety concerns with the product. The product was imported by Work Imports, LTD of Philadelphia and distributed by World Imports. In the following recall the product was required to be immediately suspended from use. According to report the product had a high likelihood of failing and causing asphyxiation. Since the product would not securely fasten it would have a high likelihood of collapsing and causing the occupant in the bed below it injuries. This threat is extremely important when dealing with your children who do not have the physical strength to remove the upper bunk in the event of a collapse. In such cases the likelihood of serious injury is almost certain. Since the children lack the strength to push over and escape in the event the bed fails they can be seriously injured. When a product is defectively manufactured all parties involved in its sale, distribution and manufacturer are responsible. The law does not designate or differentiate between parties involved in the chain of distribution. In fact all parties are held responsible for injuries. If you have any questions regarding a claim against manufacturers of defective products contact our Law Offices (855)385-2529.


I have this bed, how do I get another one?

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