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Xenmatrix Surgical Mesh Attorney | Hernia Patch Endotoxin Injury

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a national recall of bard Davol XenMatrix Surgical Graft due to elevated endotoxin levels. According to the FDA increased Endotoxinlevels can cause serious illness which can be fatal. If you have experienced serious medical complications after the implantation of a Xenmatrix surgical graft or mesh contact our defective medical device attorney at the Downtown LA law Firm. We are a California based law firm able to take on defective product litigation across the nation. What serious medical complication can be cause by defective surgical mesh implants Enodoxins are product by gram-negative bacteria and are their chief disease causing agent. Patients undergoing mesh implants infected with endotoxins may not have the ability to fight off serious post surgical infections. There are certain signs and symptoms of endotoxin exposure including
  • High temperature – fever
  • Flue like symptoms – including stuffy nose, chest tightness, coughing
  • Severe post surgical headaches
  • Dizziness Nausea and heartburn
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea
If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms after a surgical mesh implant seek medical attention immediately. Compensation for your injuries – Filing a Lawsuit In many instances victims of surgical mesh implants believe they may have a claim against the doctor who performed the implantation surgery. However in most instances claims can be brought against the manufacturers of the surgical and Kugel mesh implants for the production and distribution of defective products. Proving your case in the court of law. Generally there are three distinct cause of action which can be brought up against defendant in a product liability lawsuit (1) Defect in the original design of the product (2) Defect in the manufacturing process of the product so the distributed good is different and as a result more dangerous the intended design (3) Failure to warn defect: also referred to as a labeling defect. To find out if you have a Xenmatrix Hernia Patch Claim contact our Law Offices – Our Attorneys are standing by.
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