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Weatherbeeta Collegiate Saddle

WEATHERBEETA USA RECALLS RIDING SADDLES DUE TO FALL HAZARDOn March 19, 2019, Weatherbeeta USA recalled its Collegiate riding saddles due to the possible risk of injuries and falls. The screws that held the seat of the saddle to the rest of the material were too short and did not screw all the way in. As a result, the rider could easily fall off. Although no injuries were reported, there were claims about the workmanship of the products. The saddles were sold at various saddlery and horseback riding stores, such as Carousel Tack Shoppe, Rocking B Saddle shop, and more. They were also sold at the StateLineTack website. The items were available from August 2016 through October 2018. They retailed for anywhere between $400 and $1,350. Weatherbeeta imported the saddles into New Jersey from India. 1,600 units were recalled of 16 different varieties. Those who have purchased the saddles have the ability to contact Weatherbeeta for a free repair.

Risks of Falls

Defective saddles can lead to falls from the backs of horses and other riding animals. These animals are generally very strong and can easily buck and thrash, making it difficult to hang on. If a saddle breaks or is no properly fastened, you may be thrown off or slip from the seat. Falls often result in worse injuries when they are at a higher starting point, such as on the back of an animal. You can easily lose control and be unable to protect yourself in time or fail to break your fall properly. This can cause you to land awkwardly and dislocate your shoulder, break your ankle, crack a vertebra, fracture your neck, damage your hands and feet, tear ligaments and muscles, and more.

Recall Summary Name of Product: Collegiate riding saddles Hazard: The recalled saddles were manufactured with screws that were too short, causing the girth of the saddle to detach from the tree of the saddle, posing a fall hazard to the rider. Remedy: Repair Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled Collegiate saddles and contact the firm for a free repair. Consumer Contact: Weatherbeeta USA toll-free at 877-927-4337 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, email at or online at and click on “Contact Us” for more information.

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Some injuries may be long-lasting or permanent. There have been instances of falls leading to paralysis, as in the most famous case with Christopher Reeve, who suffered quadriplegia after the incident. Falls are serious, and you should be as careful as possible when riding animals or mounting them. Weatherbeeta Collegiate Saddle

Product Liability Claim Information

If you fall due to a defective saddle and suffer injuries, you can take legal action against Weatherbeeta for their error. The items were recalled but not every consumer will know to return them for repairs, and to make matters worse, some of the saddles that were not listed as being affected could have similar issues. In order to file a product liability claim, you must show that the product was designed with a flaw of some kind, was manufactured wrongly or had an error in its creation, or lacked proper warnings or hazards on the package or on the item itself. For the saddles, there could have either been a design flaw that did not properly outline the correct length for the screws, or a manufacturing error that produced screws that were too short. Either way, you will have the foundation you need.


You should be sure to follow these steps for your product liability claim:

  • Do not return the product, get it repaired, or retrieve a refund; if you do, you will lose your evidence of the defect and you will not be able to collect compensation since you were already repaid
  • Do not tamper with the product or attempt to fix it, as you may further damage it; additionally, the company can claim that you were the one who caused the issues in the first place, as there will be no evidence of how the defect came about
  • Keep your receipt, proof of purchase, documentation, and anything else that shows that you were the rightful owner and buyer of the item

After an injury, it is important that you get medical treatment at once to prevent a gap between the incident and the visit to the doctor. The longer you wait, the more suspicious it will look to the insurance company; he can claim that you were hurt in another incident or that your injuries were not as severe as you made them out to be. It is also recommended that you do not wait so that you do not run the risk of missing the deadline set by the statute of limitations, which is 2 years from the date of the injury. To get started on the legal process for your product liability lawsuit, contact our experienced lawyers in Los Angeles.

Product Liability Lawsuit Compensation

If you fell from a defective saddle, you can sue the manufacturer for coverage for your expenses. We will work to bring you the maximum compensation available under the law. The accident was caused due to the negligent oversight of the company, and you should not be forced to pay off ensuing debts. Examples of what you can receive include:

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  • Medical expenses from the past and future
  • Lost income and wages from the past and future
  • Property damage and reimbursement for the purchase
  • Pain and suffering for emotional suffering and mental traumas

Too often, individuals try to move forward with their claims by themselves with no legal assistance, even through injuries. If you were hurt in a fall due to a defective saddle, you should take your time to recover and return to full health. The stress of a lawsuit can result in setbacks and delay your recovery time. It is in your best interest to contact a lawyer who can handle your claim for you so you can focus on getting better.

The Right Firm For You

Our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, has a team of qualified product liability attorneys with ample experience in such claims. We have helped many individuals recover millions of dollars, and in some cases, we have filed class action claims on behalf of numerous plaintiffs against companies exhibiting such negligence. We are aggressive and make sure that you are fairly represented and given the best restitution available. Call our law offices at (855) 339-8879 for a free legal consultation with an expert attorney. You can ask us whatever you wish and we’ll help you determine how best to go about filing your lawsuit. We will give you more details about our zero fee guarantee, as well. This states that you will not have to pay a single dime of out of pocket fees for our services. We will cover the legal costs and will only be paid if we win, but if we lose, we collect no money at all. For help from the most successful attorneys in town, contact the Downtown LA Law Group today. We will file your product liability claim on your behalf and win your case for you.

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